What is an Angel Sign?

What is an Angel Sign?

Are you someone that has nightmares, and you aren’t sure why you are always on edge while you are sleeping? Or were you a child that had nightmares and you would wake up screaming or sweating?

Waking up from a nightmare can make you realize how real they seem. When you lay still and you feel that something is there haunting you, the nightmare might play back through your mind. Maybe you have nightmares that you remember since you were a child, and you feel that you were given these dreams for a reason.

Angels have different ways to show you that they are there with you. They might show up when your life is hard or when you need to have comfort or hope in your life. The vibrations of the angels are there to guide you and to keep you safe on your journey.

The angels are there for you and all you have to do is to ask them for a sign and listen for their messages:


Some people have dreams so that they can receive messages from their angels. These dreams are there because people get distracted when they are awake.

Angel dreams are sending you messages to make sure you know that they are there to watch over you and that they know what you need and what you are looking for.

If you cannot remember your dreams, ask your angels to help you remember them and to give you confidence to know that they are there for you.

Always write down your dreams when you wake up in your journal. This will help you to not forget what you dreamed.


Do you ever take pictures and then see an orb in the middle of the picture? This looks like a speck of light that is moving even though the sun is nowhere around. This is a sign your angels are close to you.


Your angels might send you a feather to let you know that they are there close to you. When you find a feather in a place where you don’t expect it, this means they are with you.


If you go somewhere and you smell something yummy, it can mean that your angels want you to know that they are there. This can be the smell of food or other things.


Angels can be seen clearly by animals and babies. If you have a baby and they smile or point at something, they probably see your angel.


Pets will also see things that we cannot see. Some pets will bark and wag their tail when an angel comes close to them.


People love to look at clouds and sometimes angels will use the clouds to communicate with you. If you see shapes like heart or angel wings, this can be a sign.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are repeating numbers such as 3:33 or 11:11. These numbers will show up when you need them, and this can be your angel trying to get your attention.

Angels will use numbers that are repeating to get your attention and to show you a message. There are so many angel numbers that each of them has different meanings in your life.

Find out what your numbers mean and pay attention if you have a message just for you.

Temperature Changes

If you are sitting in hot room and out of nowhere it gets cold, this can be your angel coming into the room.

Hearing Voices

You can hear angels talking to you and it sounds like a voice inside of your head. You may even think that you hear a person talking to you but realize you are alone.

If you hear your name, this can be your angels talking to you. Clear your mind and pay attention.

Physical Feelings

Maybe you get chill bumps, or you feel tingling in your body. This can be because your angels are trying to communicate with you.

You might notice that there is a strange light, or you might feel someone tapping you. This means you are not alone. Acknowledge that your angels are trying to talk to you and thank them for being there for you.

Hearing Music

Music is one way that your angels can communicate with you. Since we are people, we love music. If you hear a love song or a song that gives you an answer to a question you have, this can be your angels giving you answers.

Finding Coins

Coins are a fun way that you can know that an angel is close to you. Maybe you need money to pay your bills and you have angels that send coins on your path. Finding coins that have an 11 is an extra blessing such as a dime and a penny or a dollar and a dime and penny. This can be one of the best signs that you find.

Pick up coins that you find in the parking lot and thank your angels.

Animal Interactions

Animal interactions with strange animals such as hummingbirds, butterflies or dragonflies are often associated with your angels being close to you.

These animals can come and are very spiritual and they are there to show you a sign. Pay attention to these animals visiting you and see what you are feeling when they come and when they leave.