Using a Pendulum for Fortune Telling

Pendulum for Fortune Telling

Pendulums are a way that you can get fast answers. This is also a tool that you can use that is inexpensive to buy or to make. Pendulums are considered a tool of divination and they can be used to tell the future.

Divination is often looked at as a way to get information about something that you have a question about. Before you use a pendulum, there are things to know.

Dowsing Pendulums

A dowsing pendulum is something that is attached to the bottom of a chain or a string such as a rock or something else that will be heavy and allow the chain to swing. The pendulum can help you to understand your spiritual and physical life.

Using a Pendulum

Messages to the pendulum can come through the unconscious mind and some believe that they come by the spirits. This can be tied to mind and when you have questions that you might or might not realize, you can get the answers.

Using a pendulum is very easy and if you practice it and you learn to use it correctly, you can get the answers you need. Here is how to start using a pendulum:

Picking Your Pendulum

You can decide whatever kind of materials that you want to use for your pendulum. Some will choose to use a stone or something else that is heavy such as a charm, but others will be specific in choosing the crystal that will swing from the pendulum. You also have to decide what kind of string that you want to use such as thread, string or even a chain.

You can make your own pendulum, or you can purchase one in a store or online. If you purchase one try and feel a connection to one that you choose.

Cleansing the Pendulum

After you choose the materials, make sure that you have your pendulum cleansed. If you are using a crystal, cleanse the crystal by running it under water, putting it in sunlight or salt or putting it in the moonlight. This can clear the energy before you use it.

Connect with the Pendulum

It is important that you connect your energy with the pendulum before you use it. Here is how to make that happen:

  • Make sure you are grounded.
  • Ask your spirit guides to help you and give you answers.
  • Ask your pendulum yes, no, and maybe questions that you know the answers to and see how the pendulum moves. Wait for each of the answers. If the yes answer swings back and forth, write that down.
  • Do these steps each time before you use your pendulum.


Next, ask your pendulum questions that you are seeking the answers to. You need to make sure that you have your arm stable so that you don’t move the pendulum. Keep your fingers loose and hold it gentle but don’t drop it.

Ask a question and see how the pendulum moves. If you have questions on relationships, ask yes or no questions and see how the pendulum answers you. You can use this anytime or anywhere when you need answers.

When to Use Your Pendulum

There are some times that you should or shouldn’t use your pendulum, here are some tips:

  • Don’t use the pendulum when you are angry, stressed, or unbalanced. You need to be calm and at peace when you ask questions.
  • Don’t use your pendulum over getting medical advice.
  • Always have an open heart and an open mind when you ask questions.
  • If you need answers that are deeper than yes, no, or maybe, try to use another tool of divination such as tarot cards.
  • Don’t use the pendulum as the only way to make decisions.

Asking Permission

You should ask your pendulum these questions before you begin dowsing:

  • Ask for permission to ask a question.
  • If you get a no, don’t ask the question anyways and put it on hold until a later time.
  • Avoid using should questions because this can be a judgement call instead of a real question.