Who Are Spiritual Healers?

Spiritual Healers

Spiritual healers are people that have gone through hard things. These are people that have gone through something hard and traumatic, and they beat the challenges in front of them. They then heal and go from darkness to light, and they become healers. They don’t just heal others, but they also heal themselves.

A spiritual healer is someone that listens to their soul and they let it guide them to humans that need healing around them. They become mentors and they help others on their healing journey. People that are coaches, guides, mentors, and healers are people that have gone through some kind of hard time, and they have had to grow and develop through their own life experiences.

There are different reasons why people become spiritual healers and there are different types of healings that they do.

Wanting to Be Light

As a mentor, it is important to have a passion to bring light to others. This is part of the support for the journey of a mentor. They seek out the light and they remember their darkest times so that they can help others find the light.

Healing can be one of the hardest things that someone goes through in their life. They have to walk through the painful journey of darkness, and they have to experience the emotional pain and hurt that they don’t want to hold on to. But at the same time, these things are limiting their life and are hard to let go of even if they don’t want to.

Healing is a time where you say, “I went through a challenging and hard time but instead of it breaking me, I want to get better because of it. I want to get rid of fear and become stronger.”

As you go through your own healing journey you can become exhausted and overwhelmed by the emotional pain that hurt can carry. It can leave you feeling alone and scared. As you stay committed to fighting past this you will see that your heart can let go of the pain and you can get the support to help yourself and others.

Healing can be a lonely place and it can be exhausting. It can cause your mind to trick you into believing that you don’t even need to be healed.

Becoming a mentor or a healer often happens because you want to see other people to be able to move from darkness into light. When you don’t want others to have to be alone in their healing, you become a mentor to help them to be guided in their darkest moments. You use your inner light to move them.

Emotional Exhaustion

As an empath it can be tiring and emotionally exhausting. This happens because empaths see things that others don’t see, and they feel things that others don’t feel. They are able to feel the energy that other people have. When you look at someone you don’t feel their anger, but an empath does. If you aren’t sad and then out of nowhere you are, you’re probably an empath. Empaths can feel things before a person shows the emotion.

Emotional weight can be hard, and it can be hard to have good boundaries when you’re an empath. Once you understand your empathic abilities you can see that this can be part of your journey. Your emotions and energies can show you how important boundaries are.

As you learn your life lessons and you allow your soul to heal, you bring healing to others. Instead of having fear, you need to let go of worry and move forward in your life.

Fear can leave you bound and can cause you to have doubt and worry. It can be emotions that you experience in your energy. As you carry these things, you will feel that you lack in your spiritual self. You will see that the emotions that you have can create fear around you and it can cause you to have lack.

There are things that empaths experience that affect their life such as:

• Stress and pressure.
• Burnout.
• Exhaustion.
• Gossip, judgement and drama.
• Fear of judgement.
• Self-doubt.
• Insecurities.
• Pain.
• Anger.
• Depression.
• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• Feeling lost.

There are strategies that empaths can use in order to be stronger and to be more aware of their energies. As you learn to create boundaries and you learn to feel safe and protected then you can have love and compassion for yourself and others. This allows you to create a positive and happy place in your life.

Some people become healers to support empaths and help them to cope and help them to be able to face their emotions. They have strong gifts and its important that they have boundaries that allow them to feel supported in their healing and to protect their energies.

Valuing Yourself

So many people feel that they have no value, and they feel unloved and underappreciated. They want to be seen and they want to be heard. They have a desire to be worthy and to have value. They desire to no longer be insecure.

Some healing journeys have to focus on a fear of judgement because they have to learn that everyone has an opinion but that doesn’t make you who you are. As you face your self-doubt you can see that you are often judging yourself more than others are judging you.

Sometimes you are the worst enemy for yourself that there is. Don’t wait around for people to love you and to make you feel worthy but find people that will support you and help you to love yourself. Find people that will show you what is stopping you from being the best you can be and believing in yourself.

As a guide, healers can help you to know things even if you can’t see them or even if they aren’t logical. Spiritual healers can help you to see that you are worthy and can understand your feelings. They can help you to create your dreams and to reach them. They can help you to value ourself and to support you in love.

Spiritual people become healers to guide people to be the best that they can be.

Final Thoughts

When you find that you need to heal, talk to a spiritual healer, and let them guide you down the right path. Let them mentor you and support you and help you to see that you do in fact have worth and strength. Don’t let your exhaustion or your fear cause you to miss out on what you want or who you are.