What Do Aura Colors Mean?


The aura is something that is strong and reaches into your energy field. There are colors that will surround you and these are the colors that surround every living thing including animals, plants, and people.

When you feel stressed or uncomfortable, it will happen because your space is getting invaded by other people, and this can trigger your aura to change. You will feel a force in a room full of people that can be both positive and negative.

Seeing Your Aura

There are some people that can see the aura with their eyes because they are able to see things in the energy field. This can be a faint glow or something that is seen brightly. If you are someone that has tried and you haven’t been able to see your aura yet, try having someone stand in front of a white wall and squint and relax until you see it. Keep practicing and you will get it.

You can practice this by yourself by using a mirror or you can get a friend to practice with you. The best thing to do is to make sure that the room is dim and not too bright.

Relax and keep your eyes to see the energy around your body. You can look at your hand and see this sometimes. Keep trying until you see it. Sometimes the aura will change colors when you think different things or based on your emotions.

People can sometimes see an aura right away and sometimes people have to practice. Once you see it you will be more understanding of the different layers of the energy that surrounds people. This has seven different layers, but most are only able to see the first three layers. These have to do with the chakras.

There are different colors, and the colors have different meanings. You can talk to a psychic and get advice if you need to know more about your aura and you can’t see it. What color do you think your aura is?

Each Aura Color

There are different colors of the aura, and they have different meanings. Keep reading to find out what the colors mean:

  • Black

This aura color usually means that you are shielded from things that could hurt you, but it can also mean that there is no balance in your life. This can mean you are keeping secrets or that there is some kind of abuse in your life. Adults who have a black ring on the outside might have this if they were abused earlier in life and they need to heal the memories of it.

  • Blue

A blue aura can be different colors of blue and can mean that someone is gifted. It can be someone that is intuitive or someone that has a strong heart and is a ray of sunshine. A darker blue can mean that a person is lonely or that they are honest and good. Other shades of blue can mean that a person is depressed or that they are domineering.

  • Brown

This is a color that means that you need to grow. It can be seen with other color combinations and can mean someone is developing in their mind and their intuition. This color can mean a lack of energy or that the person has become stagnant.

  • Gold

This color is one that means being in tune with your spiritual self. A darker gold can mean that you haven’t reached your higher levels yet.

  • Yellow

Yellow can mean that you like to think things through and are analytical. It can also mean that you are balanced and that you are smart.

  • Green

Green is an aura color that you are a sympathizing person. It can mean that you are a healer and that you are dependable. It can also mean negative things like greed, envy, jealousy and that your heart is blocked.

  • Gray

Gray is a color that can mean you are a creative or secretive person. It can also mean problems in the physical health.

  • Orange

Having a bright orange aura can mean that you are growing in your gifts, but a dull orange can mean that you aren’t sure how to handle any growth or that you are prideful.

  • Pink

Pink can mean someone that is honest and quiet. It can mean a creative person or an immature person.

  • Purple

Purple can mean that you have strong intuition or that you are strong willed. It can mean someone is passionate or over bearing.

  • Red

This color means passion and can have strong emotions of both love and hate. It has a lot of energy and works with the root chakra. It can mean that someone is not grounded, and they are out of control.

Final Thoughts

Colors are important when looking at the aura. The colors can indicate different things about a person’s mind, body, and soul. Learn to read auras and trust your intuition when it comes to figuring out what an aura looks like and means.