Divination of Future Tellers

Divination of Future Tellers

No psychic is going to be the same and they will use all different kinds of tools of divination to tell about the past, present, and future. People want to know what the future holds for them and because of this, there have been different methods that have been discovered that allows people to answer questions in the spiritual world. Here are some of the most used tools:

• Crystal balls.
• Palm reading.
• Tarot cards.
• Tea leaves.
• Bones.
• Runes.
• Pendulums.
• Playing cards.


Divination isn’t an exact science and the person that is making the prediction is using the energy that they see to make this prediction. Sometimes fortune telling is misread because it is giving the possibilities that can happen in the future and not an exact answer.

If someone makes a prediction in the Philippines, it is called “manghuhula” which means “guessing.” This can mean that the fortune teller is just getting what will happen and sometimes they will get it right and sometimes they won’t.

There are different kinds of predictions that happen such as astrological predictions. These are where they take Chinese Astrology, stars, charts, cycles of the moon and more and they give predictions. The animal that is based on your birth is one of the signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Western zodiac is one that more people know about, and this uses the different zodiacs such as Pisces, Aries, Gemini and more. The people that use astrology to make predictions will have to use math and research before they can give a right answer.

Who Are Fortune Tellers?

Here are some FAQ’s about fortune tellers:

  • A palm reader is someone that helps to read the lines on palms and on the hands to give a reading.
  • Scrying is a way that someone can look into something clear or reflective, go into a trance and can see visions and images.
  • Psychics are more than telling the future and they are able to read the energy of the past, present, and future. These are people that can give you advice and can listen to what you are going through. They are spiritual leaders, healers, and more.
  • Some readers will use oracle cards or tarot cards, and these can help to tell about your situation, or they can tell about the future.

You can look at books, call a psychic, find one online or find a group that can help to give you predictions about your life and the future.  This is something that has been around now since ancient times and is even more popular than ever before.