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I know that finding the right psychic can be a challenge, but there are many resources available for people who want to find a genuine psychic experience with the right psychic near you. All the information about psychics online can be overwhelming, but the amount of information can also be helpful rather than frustrating if you know how to handle it. Everywhere we look, there are people advertising their psychic capabilities either in person, online, or over other advertising methods. There are psychics available online or over the phone, or you can visit one in person depending on your preferences.

Everything boils down to finding the right psychic who is genuine, and who can give you a real reading. Avoiding scammers is essential to having a great psychic experience.

Knowing what kinds of scams to avoid can be incredibly helpful when you are looking for a real psychic. When I have explored finding the right psychic that meshes well with me, I try to look for individuals who have reliable reviews and ratings from real customers. Some of the most genuine psychics will come highly recommended not necessarily over the internet, but through word of mouth from clients who have been to them before. However, psychics that don’t have any information listed about them should be avoided- this is a red flag, and you can always find a psychic that does have reviews and ratings.

Psychology, Suggestion, Manipulation

I find that I have often looked for a psychic connection during times in my life that are challenging. Whether it is a breakup of a relationship, a particularly difficult time in my career, or just the daily strain of life, going to a psychic when I am distressed can occasionally not turn out too well.

When I’m in these situations, I try to take a step back and consider my psychic options. Even though I may be looking for immediate answers, I try to make sure that I am seeing my options and choices clearly. Having a knee-jerk reaction to pain in my life could lead me to trust a psychic that may be displaying warning signs of scams that I didn’t notice because of my distress.

If you are going through a difficult time, these situations can cloud your judgement and allow you to be more blind to obvious scams from fake psychics. Real psychic abilities are obvious when I take time to read a psychic’s reviews, see their ratings, and understand what I am looking for out of that psychic reading.

Some psychics and other mediums use tactics to make you think they are legitimate, but they are really using psychology, suggestion, and manipulation to make clients think they are getting what they want. Psychic readings aren’t just seeing what a person is like or how they react to certain questions. Psychics often use the power of manipulation they have over a person who is very open to suggestion, having come to search for answers from a psychic in the first place.

Signs of Fraud

Frauds in the psychic world come in all forms, from clairvoyants to tarot readers and astrologers. One way to avoid frauds is to take your time when choosing a psychic- don’t just run to the nearest, easiest source when you are feeling vulnerable or pressured.
High Prices
Some signs of fraud to look out for include high prices and psychics claiming to have more experience than they really do. Certain psychics may start their services out at a reasonable price, but increase that price as you return for more information. This kind of fraud is easy to perpetrate on vulnerable people who are coming to a psychic out of desperation.
A psychic that advertises how long they have been practicing or makes promises like finding true love or curing sicknesses is likely a fraud. Real psychics will rely on their customers’ reviews of their services as well as word of mouth in order to attract business. A psychic that promises correct answers is, in addition to being a fraud, is making promises they can’t keep; not everyone is right all the time!

Lack of Paranormal Activity
A lack of paranormal activity can also be an indication that a psychic isn’t legitimate. People with real psychic abilities will occasionally have unexplained phenomena happen around them because of their gift. Their connection to the spiritual realm will cause out of the ordinary things to happen. A fraudulent psychic will never have instances happen during a reading that they cannot explain, but they can use tactics to make it seem like spiritual things are happening around you.

You can prevent this type of fraud by not revealing too much personal information about yourself. A scammer will ask you a lot of questions about yourself and use that information to give you a poor psychic reading that makes it seem like they know a lot about you.
Too Much Information
A fraud will try to draw more information out of you, starting readings on what you give them. While seemingly harmless, giving them information like birth date or your name can reveal a lot about you.
Astrology, Numerology and others like it can help frauds fake a reading. While considered entertainment, it can actually be pretty accurate coupled with psychology (in most cases).
A fraud can exploit the common misconceptions (beliefs, views and opinions) of the paranormal. There are many people that dislike reading up on it, for one reason or another. Being ignorant helps frauds draw in victims.
If a person dresses like something out of a Hollywood Mideval flick, or a Pagan cut-out, then that person is probably a fraud.
Beware of Hollywood cutouts. Psychics are Psychics—not side-show freaks or Hollywood mold-makers.
There are many goodhearted and genuine Psychics. These people tend to congregate on forums, specialized social networks and even meet-up groups! They offer readings for practice, help and exercise. Believe it or not, a good reading doesn't have to cost money or much money at all!
The concept of exchanging money for information is an old practice, but many Psychics are uncomfortable with it. For many, a genuine ability should be used for good, humanitarian things, not for personal gain or comfort. There are people that exchange money, but a good many still tread carefully or avoid it completely.
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Even if you’re a mile away, a real genuine psychic will always stand out as long as you know the qualities of a real psychic. They focus and concentrate more on the Tarot Cards or other psychic tools that they are using. Some actually doesn’t need to look at the subject instead they concentrate more on the reading. While listening you will notice they talk about things that are actually going on with your life, some illnesses, etc that you can prove yourself. They may also surprise you by bringing out something that really happened in your past. One thing that is very important to know with a real psychic is that they will admit their mistake if some reading is wrong.
If a participant disagrees with a future reading, instead of changing the reading to correct their mistake, the Reader will tell you ‘well this is what I can see’ or something like this. Whether you believe it or not, they will tell you what they see and doesn’t care if it sounds a bit strange to you.
Some Psychics may give you a written or taped text of the reading. They are not afraid that you will come back claiming that the readings didn’t come true because they believe in their abilities. The clients will be able to prove their readings in the future and even if the reading turns out to be wrong, they will still appreciate the fact that they Psychic did their best and didn't try to just make something out of the reading.

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What to do When You Are on a Reading

You can find a reliable psychic that you trust on forums, social networks, meet up groups, and through sites that list legitimate psychic services. Finding the right psychic isn’t hard if you know what to look for and can take your time when conducting your search.

A real psychic will be more focused on getting a proper reading than they will be on getting information from you. A legitimate psychic will also admit when a reading they have given may not have been correct. They know that sometimes their readings don’t make sense, or don’t make sense yet. Certain psychics will record their sessions and give you a copy to look back on, should you need to hear the reading again. When looking around for a psychic, I have also found that not everyone will mesh with me, even if they are genuine. I have to know and trust the person giving me a reading, just as they have to connect with their clients as well.

When visiting a psychic, I test them out to make sure I am absolutely comfortable being there. I try to sit comfortably in my seat and be still- since body language is so important, I don’t want to dive them signals that would allow my feelings to be easily read. I don’t offer up personal information, but rather sit back silently to allow them to begin the reading themselves. If your psychic is asking you a lot of questions or leading you to reveal certain information, they may be scamming you. A real psychic doesn’t need a lot of information in order to do a reading.

Keep your mind open to the reading that is happening. If you don’t like your psychic, find one that you can trust and that you are comfortable having a relationship with. Remember that you are in charge of your future, and that psychics are here as spiritual guides for us when we need them.
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