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Do You Believe in Fortune Cookies?

037e695 (1)What good fortune lies ahead for you? Have you tried eating a fortune cookie? Did the fortune come true? Some people believe that fortune cookies can read their future. Some consider it just for fun. Fortune cookies are just flour based cookies with a paper wrapped inside it which has some wisdom or simple prophecy for the one eating the cookie. Lucky numbers can also be inside the cookie that can be used in lottery or anything in the daily life.

They are regularly served as dessert in Chinese restaurants around the world except in China. They were introduced in the US in the early 1900s and is claimed to have been done by the Japanese ad first made by the Beyond bakery in San Francisco. The trend has gone on for so many decades both as fun and belief, some people actually believe in the fortunes they read.

After a meal, the customers are served the fortune cookies as dessert, then after eating the cookie one should read out whatever is written on it. With a plateful of cookies, people usually pause to choose which one is meant for them, some do it thoughtfully while other consult their feelings or just pick randomly.

download (16)Anticipation and suspense then follows, not knowing what is awaiting them or how their life may change from that moment on. Some people do get quotes and sayings while some get lucky with prophecy about their future. Some get prophecies about heir health, financial future o even love life. Coincidentally, some of these prophecies do come true, with adequate anticipation and enthusiasm; one actually attracts the finances or love as stated in the fortune cookie.

The Universe provides as the person expect and resonates. A high belief and enthusiasm makes the prophecy come faster. The fortunes mainly act to reinforce what one already wants and wishes for. They just reaffirm a desire, and with that one gets more charged to receive it. One has to break the cookie in two and retrieve the fortune, after eating the cookie they then have to read what is written on it, this is done only by the one who breaks the cookie even if they were in a group.

There are however, many rules when eating a fortune cookie, it must be opened only after you finish the meal, when one breaks the cookie there is no reading the fortune. One has to eat the left side of the cookie then the right and each side should be eaten without breaking.

download (17)Another rule says that before reading the fortune, one must read the lucky number aloud then read the learn Chinese. Only after all these have been completed, can one then read the fortune, this cannot be told to anyone. The fortune then has to be devoured for it to come true.

Another rule is that if you get two fortunes and one cookie, they cancel each other, so you must choose another cookie. One has to eat the entire cookie for the fortune to come true.

There are many rules, some created by individuals while others have evolved over the years; all the same, it’s full of fun and anticipation when one prepares to break his fortune cookie.

Try a Fortune Cookie today and see it for yourself!

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