What is a Grey Aura?

Grey Aura

All living things have an aura, and this is layers of color that surround your body on the outside. This is called your auric field and there are seven layers that make it up. With these layers, you can see the personality of people and what they are feeling or thinking about. The brightness or darkness of the color of the aura works with your chakras and the colors can change due to the change of energies.

People that have the gift to read auras can tell what color your aura is or their own aura. When you can look at the aura of someone, you can read their soul and know who that person really is. So, what if you have a grey aura?

Grey Aura

People that have the color grey aura are often mysterious people. They are calm and they do things that bring this kind of calmness to others. They are sometimes considered to be boring, and this is because they don’t let excitement fill them. Instead, they choose to live a life of peace and calmness. They don’t want to be part of drama and they will find other grey auras to follow. They will not want to have a lot of attention and they do what they can to blend in with others.

The grey aura does seem to have little emotions, and this makes it hard for them to connect with people. When they do, they often detach quickly because they like to do things on their own or they like to have their own space.

Those that have a grey aura work hard and they do whatever it takes for them to go on a deeper path. They are spiritual and they will sometimes isolate themselves. They love to learn new things and one of the ways that they love to learn the most is by reading. They see this as a way to grow and to learn exciting things.

This color also is grounded, and they know what path they want to take in their life. They have their own beliefs, and they don’t let anyone tell them what they should think or what they need to believe in. They are often considered to be old souls.

Grey Hue Aura Careers

Those with a grey hue are often spiritual and they’re drawn to this kind of work. They are devoted to teachings, and they are religious. They follow a life path of helping others and they will do this through meditation and through inner peace. They will live their life alone so that they can feel supported.

Shades of Grey

Here are some of the different shades of a grey aura:

  • Light Grey

This shade of grey is an aura that has feminine energies. This means that they are calming, and that people seem to relax when around them. They stay away from negative energies or even too much energy. They like to do things that are easy, and they like to stay calm and almost hidden. They’re positive and healing people.

  • Bright Grey

A bright grey aura is one that has been working towards their enlightenment. They are full of energy, and they have worked hard to brighten their aura and to let go of karma that has held them back. They are release their attachments and they often have a lower vibration because they don’t want to get deep into dramatic things. These are people that eat healthy foods and natural foods, and they avoid chemicals and fast to grow in their spiritual self.

  • Dark Grey Aura

This color aura is a masculine color. This is one that focuses on being serious and being disciplined. They sometimes say things rudely or harshly and they are overly emotional and often depressed.

  • Charcoal Grey Aura

This color aura is one that is mysterious. They have a hard time opening op to people, and they are often private. They are people that are heard to read, and they can block out the energies of others. They will have a lighter hue when they meditate and do self-work.

  • Silver Grey

A silver-grey aura is one that is able to manifest things into their life. They are able to connect with nature and they have high vibrations. They are attracted to things that they want, and they have enough faith to get these things. They are also someone that is purified and cleansed, and they have higher vibrational energies.

  • Grey and Brown Aura

A person that is sick might have this color aura. This happens because when they are feeling ill or they have some kind of sickness, their body changes and this can cause their aura to get darker. They might be full of drama or be stuck in bad feelings because of their physical bodies.

  • Grey Aura and Chakra

No chakra is given the grey color, but this can often be connected with the sacral chakra. This is the one that is connected to sexual organs and to the kidneys. Sometimes when someone is sick or they are experiencing a lot of pain, their aura will get darker, and this is where this color can come from. You can talk to a psychic if you need to balance your energies and have healing in your life.

Why is a Grey Aura Bad?

People that have a grey aura are often people that have a hard time making decisions. They see things in front of them as good, but they let fear control them. They will let people tell them things and then they will listen even if it doesn’t benefit them. They move away when something is negative, and they let others handle the hard things.

This is also a soul that is dull and predictable, and they don’t like to have attention. They will do the same things over and over again because they know that they are good at it, and they will stick with it. They won’t change their mind if they decide something.

Grey Aura and Love

The grey aura is one that is confusing, and they usually don’t feel totally connected in a relationship. They will invest in a relationship only if they feel safe and secure. They won’t ever feel this way though unless there is total honesty and unconditional love.

Do You Have a Grey Aura?

If you’re someone that likes to stick by themselves or someone that likes to stay hidden in the background, chances are that you might have a grey aura. This can be a different color of grey and this will depend on how you connect with others, what you are feeling and what you are thinking. If you are a faithful person, your aura might be bright but if you are negative, it could be darker.

Can Your Aura Be Grey?

Anyone can have a grey aura and the only real way that you will know what color of aura that you have is by getting an aura reading. You can talk to a psychic, and they can help you to find out what color your aura is. If you think that your aura is grey, wear something this color and meditate and you will see that you can keep your aura bright and clear. Meditation should be something that you do each day or even that you do weekly to keep your mind, body, and soul strong.