Developing Your Psychic Gifts

Developing Your Psychic Gifts

Everyone has some kind of psychic ability even if its just intuition. Other people have stronger gifts, but they don’t realize it, or they don’t really know how to use them. There are ways that you can figure out your gifts and you can develop them to be stronger.

Once you realize that you have a gift, developing these gifts will have a lot to do with listening to your intuition. The more you listen to it the more it will tell you things and you will trust yourself more.

You will need to train yourself to listen and to develop your gifts. Use this to help yourself and others around you. Having gifts and picking up messages around you is a natural thing but you need to be open to getting these messages. Most people start getting messages as a gut feeling and then as you develop your gifts, you will see these messages in other forms.

Don’t just accept your gifts but learn to love them and protect them. Be curious about what kinds of gifts you have and how they make you feel. Some people want to have visions or to talk to spirits and they want to be right with what they see all the time, and this is one thing that often holds them back.  You have to learn to interpret messages and to make mistakes.

There are gifts called the clair gifts and these are gifts that use your spiritual senses. These senses help you to get messages and you can get these developed in different ways. You can use these gifts to see into the spiritual world and speak to spirits. 

If you want to start by developing your gift, one thing that you can do is use crystals such as:

  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • Selenite.
  • Labradorite.
  • Amethyst.

You can also use essential oils like sandalwood and frankincense and these things can help to open up your giftings.

Clair Gifts

Do you wonder which clair gifts that you have? Here are some of them and what might happen if you have these gifts:

  • Clairvoyance

This is a gift of clear seeing. This means that you might be able to see things in the spiritual world such as spirits, symbols, signs, visions and more. Sometimes these images will come in the form of sparks and lights.

  • Clairsentience

This gift means clear feeling, and this is a gift that allows people to know what other people are feeling. This is sometimes called being an empath. These are people that can pick up the emotions and even sicknesses of others.

  • Claircognizance

Claircognizance is clear knowing. You might be someone that just seems to know something without anyone telling them. You might be able to pick up on thoughts that people have and this is also called telepathy.

  • Clairaudience

This gift is part of clear hearing. You might hear voices, or you might hear people talking. This can be direct messages from a spirit such as your spirit guides or a spirit visiting your area.

  • Clairgustance

This clair gift means to have clear taste. Some people might be able to taste things in the spiritual world. You might taste things like blood or something sweet that a spirit loved to eat.

  • Clairalience

Clairalience means clear smell. Some people will be able to smell the cologne or perfume of a spirit, or some will smell things like tobacco or smoke smells. Other people will smell bad things when there is danger around.

Be Open Minded

Always have an open mind when you start receiving messages. A spirit can come into a room and make a certain smell or a certain smell. Don’t be afraid but just talk to the spirit. You can also use your gift to communicate with your spirit guides and develop a relationship with them.

Once you learn how to handle your gift, you will be able to be in contact with the spirits and you can get information that can help you or help others. If you are going to work and the road is closed in front of you because of an accident, a spirit can tell you to go a different way. Learn to be open to these kinds of messages.

Developing Your Gifts

Once you know what gift that you have, you can learn to understand the message and how it comes to you. This can help you to develop your gift. Developing your gift takes time and it takes patience. You also have to learn to be honest with yourself and others.

You can read books, watch blogs, or find other resources online that can help you learn how to develop your gifts. Watch videos that give you good pointers from trusted psychics. Here are some other ways that you can develop your gifts.

Be Brave

If you are afraid, you might not get the messages that you need. A spirit that senses that you are afraid might not come to you because they don’t want to scare you. You have to reach your higher self and be open to get the messages that spirits want to give you.

Some people can even channel spirits by using their gift and this is a way that the spirits can speak through them. Make sure that you are protecting yourself from evil spirits if you try this.

Protect Your Energies

You always want to protect your energy and your space. You can receive messages that can help you to know your psychic gifts, but you need to make sure that you are safe. Protect your aura and the energy around you and always listen to your intuition because it won’t steer you wrong.

When there are red flags that come to you in your energy, don’t ignore this and change the decisions that you are making. Your gut feeling will give you hints and will tell you if you are doing something that isn’t safe. 

If you are someone that is already doing magic spells, make sure that you are protecting your barriers. Keep yourself safe and always make sure that you are protecting you and those around you. Focus on keeping your environment safe from psychic attacks. Ask your guardian angels to protect you.

Prepare Your Area

Clear out any negative energy from your home or your workspace.  Get furniture that has high energy and read about how you can protect your home which can keep you healthy.

You can sage your area so that it can get rid of negative energy but if you hate the way that sage burning smells, try to use other herbs or try other protective techniques. Some people will use a sage spray while others will use crystals and other methods.

Some people put salt around their home, and you can use regular salt. You can also put herbs in the salt and put this around your home or your area.

Protect Your Energies

Everyone has mood shifts here and there and if you are feeling negative, sad, jealous, or other thing then this can affect your energies and your gifting. Find a way to be more positive and try to stay calm. 

Meditating can help to calm you and can help you to feel better in your mood. This can increase your psychic gift and help you to develop yourself.  Some people will call on Michael, the Archangel, or the spirit guides to help them keep their energies strong.

You can ask your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, or others to help to develop your psychic gift. You can also use Black Obsidian to keep your energy strong and to protect yourself and your area.


One thing that you can do to develop your gifts is to write a journal. You can write out what you feel and what you are thinking. Another good idea is to write down things that you have experienced in the psychic world. 

Here are some things you might want to write in your journal:

  • Messages from the spirit world.
  • Birthdays, holidays.
  • Questions you want to have answers to.
  • Signs or symbols that you don’t understand.
  • Premonitions and if they came true.
  • Dreams.

The more you work with your psychic gifts the more you will be able to trust your intuition to guide you. This can help you to understand your gifts and to be able to develop your gifts better.

Create Rituals

There are some rituals that you can do that can help you to practice your gifts even from your own home. Here are some rituals you can try:

  • Smudge your area.
  • Light a candle.
  • Talk to your guardian angels or spirit guides.
  • Set your intentions.
  • Breathe and focus on it.
  • Let peace flow through you.
  • Notice sighs or smells.
  • Look for insights and messages.
  • Be thankful.
  • Blow out the candle.
  • Clear negative energy from your space.

You can find books about developing your gifts online and you can purchase them to help you to know what to do.

Final Thoughts

Developing your gifts can be fun and exciting especially when you start getting messages coming to you. This might be different than what you expect but as long as your energies and space is protected, you should keep giving it a try.

Learn to be sensitive to the spiritual world around you and be open to messages as you reach for your higher self.