What Happens as a Lightworker?


There are people in the world that are on a mission to bring light into the world. They carry this light in their souls and they are healers who help to heal things around them. Some of them will be in different caring roles such as teachers, psychic healers, or other compassionate jobs.

A lightworker will come into the world and they sometimes have problems finding the light inside of them. They forget to look at their purpose and they forget that they have a mission. They journey their path in order to help to find light and to help others to have the light as well. It can be hard for a lightworker to stay on their mission.

Lightworker Missions

Lightworkers have different missions, but their main goal is to help other people to find the light. Lightworkers help to balance energy and they help to bring love and replace fear with goodness. They can manifest things with their thoughts, and they are able to heal others. They are people that make the world around them feel safe and secure.

Lightworkers are people that are sensitive to the energies of others and even if they are dealing with hard things in their life, they will still help others. Here are some things that happen when you are a lightworker:

Not Fitting In

You will see that you don’t fit into the world like other people do. You will feel that you are abnormal, and you will want to return to your home that might be in some other place. You are spiritually different, and you don’t partake in any kind of religion.

Knowing Things

Lightworkers don’t have to be told things in order to know them. They will meditate and work on themselves so that they can work on others. They will be emotional and sensitive, and they are aware of the energies around them. They can read what others are thinking without talking to them.

Lightworkers don’t have to be around people all the time and they need their alone time to recharge their energies.

People Come with Secrets

A lightworker is someone that is easy to talk to. They see that there are people that will come to them to share their secrets and their thoughts. They tell them personal stories that they don’t tell anyone else because they are easy to talk to. They don’t judge others and they help people to deal with the problems they are facing.

Facing Death

Death is something that doesn’t scare the lightworkers. They are able to face death head on and if they have ever experienced near death experiences or had a disease, they know that their journey is full of ups and downs.

They know that death isn’t final, and they accept that there is a change that they will one day face. As a lightworker, they have an open heart, and they are aware of the changes that are always happening.

It isn’t the job of the lightworker to make anyone change but they accept the choices that those around them make because it is their choice how they live. Even if they want to see the divine light around everyone, they embrace the spiritual changes around them.