What is a Psychic Vampire Attack?

Psychic Vampire Attack

If you have ever met a psychic vampire, you would know that they are people that will drain your energy. They are able to do this by taking the energy from your aura or they will use you and take advantage of your energy and emotions. These are not the same kinds of vampires that you see on television, but they are people that take advantage of your energies.

Most people have been in the position where they drained the energy of another person, rather on purpose or accidentally. The problem is that there are people that do this all the time, and they might not even realize that they are taking your energy.

A person that is in your life should have an exchange of energy that is equal to yours so that your relationship can be healthy. Those that are psychic vampires are sometimes called other things such as:

  • Energy vampires.
  • Energy suckers.
  • Drainers.
  • PSI vamps.

What Causes a Psychic Attack

A psychic attack can happen when a person gets energy from another person and the person that they are taking the energy from gets tired.

Those that suck out the energy of other people don’t often even know that they are doing it. They take the energy of others, and the victims energy needs to be regained. The person that gets their energy sucked out usually feels sick or depleted.

The people that suck out energy are not normally people that are bad or evil or those that want to hurt someone, they just don’t realize what they are doing. The actions they take can hurt those that leave their energy open to be taken and it can cause them to reap the havoc of it. These people need to learn to take care of themselves and protect themselves.

When energy isn’t exchanged in a friendly way, it is a psychic attack which leaves the victim having no energy while the psychic vampire is full of the energy of that person.

Who is a Psychic Vampire?

Psychic vampires have the same kinds of personality traits and here are some of their traits:

  • Feeling abandoned.
  • Feelings of being rejected.
  • Have to be reassured often.
  • Never feels that they can be satisfied.
  • Want to have someone nurture and care for them.
  • Little energy.
  • Tired.

Anyone can be a psychic vampire and you need to make sure that you aren’t sucking out the energy of others, yourself.

How to Know if You are Facing a Psychic Attack

Here are some symptoms that you might face if you are dealing with a psychic attack:

  • Feel like the aura isn’t strong.
  • Having no energy.
  • Tension.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Mental confusion.
  • Headache.
  • Tired.
  • Unable to sleep well.
  • Irritated.
  • Feeling sad or depressed.
  • Feeling ill or sick.

How to Protect Yourself from a Psychic Vampire

There are ways that you can protect yourself from a psychic vampire but if you are someone that is highly sensitive, you need to make sure that you aren’t being harmed by energy vampires. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself:

  • Be aware of the people that are taking your energy.
  • Stay away from those that steal your energies.
  • Ask for a white light to cover you.
  • Imagine a bubble surrounding your auric field.
  • Use amulets that are protective to keep your energy safe.