Speaking to Archangel Uriel for Jobs

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is there to help you if you need help with your job or your career goals. This can help you to focus on what your soul purpose is and help you to figure out what you are passionate about. This can also help you to focus on the work that you do for the universe at the same time.

The kind of work that you do should serve some kind of purpose. If you are doing a job that helps others, you can call on your angel guides to help you with this job. Or, if you need to find a new job or go down a new career path, your angels can help you to be successful for this.

You can ask Uriel to help you to be better successful at your job and at the career paths that you choose to take. Uriel has a name that means “fire of God,” and so this angel is often associated with the color orange or red.

What to Use

You can use essential oils such as:

• Nutmeg.
• Cardamom.
• Bergamot.

Using these when you talk to your angel can help to get your meditation connected faster and stronger. Others like to use crystals such as:

• Herkimer Diamond.
• Azurite.
• Carnelian.

These crystals can help you to be successful in your career and help to put you in a good mood. Before you begin, make sure that you have these things to help you and that you begin your mantras and your chants. Some people will use candles when they are ready.

Asking for Career Success

Here are some things that you can say to Uriel to help you with your job success:

  • Dear Uriel, thank you for helping me to connect with jobs that are looking for people that are caring and have a good light.
  • Thank you, Uriel, for helping me to find a job that reflects on the strong feelings that I have for the wellbeing for other people.
  • Thank you for letting me find a career path that offers me protection and gives me a chance to show what I have to offer.
  • Thank you for helping me to increase my intuition and to find opportunities to help me to reach my highest self.
  • Thank you for bringing me lots of different job opportunities.
  • Thank you for guiding me and supporting me in my careers and helping me to make money that I need.
  • Thank you, Uriel, for allowing me to have the financial support through my career that I need.
  • Thank you for helping me to have a strong passion and to be motivated for a job that allows me to use my gifts.
  • Please help me to find new career opportunities that will benefit me and my family.

Asking for Business Success

Here are some ways to ask for business success:

  • Archangel Uriel pleases bless me when I start a new business and let me have growth that is needed.
  • Thank you for the signs that you have sent me to show me what I need to be successful.
  • Thank you for confirming what I need and sending me the finances and security that benefits me and the people around me.
  • Thank you for giving me the resources that I need to help my employees to feel valued.
  • Thank you for helping me to find people that are as passionate about this venture as I am.
  • Thank you for letting me find people that will help to make my jobs more successful.
  • Thank you for the signs of the coins, feathers, and numbers.

Final Thoughts

Anything that works towards a new career or business should be taken up with Archangel Uriel. This angel can help you to be successful in your new job or business. If you are someone that owns their own business, Uriel can help to guide you and help you to reach your success.

Ask your archangel to give you signs and to confirm that you are making good choices. Always have an open and pure heart when you talk to Uriel about what you want to do. Always look towards good career paths that bring value and harmony in your life.

Once you connect with Archangel Uriel, you can ask for opportunities and connections to people that will help to make your employment goals necessary. The more opportunities that you have the more growth you will see.