Your Best Friend Soulmate

Your Best Friend Soulmate

Having a soulmate does not mean that there has to be a romantic relationship.  A soulmate can be a person in your family, a lover or a best friend.  Find a soulmate that you can have fun with and one that does not mean that you have to deal with being romantic or in love.

Hanging Out

You can find a soulmate that has fun with you hanging out for hours and hours.  This can be someone that you love to go to the bar with or it can be someone that you just want to hang out with and watch television with all night long.

Try to find someone in your life that wants to do these things with you so that you can enjoy your time in and out.


A soulmate is someone that will tell you the truth at all times.  Your soulmate is someone that isn’t afraid to tell you when your outfit is ugly or when you are acting out of control.


Having a best friend means that you will not have to compete with them when you meet someone that you like.  They will be there for you and they will support you in your dating journey.

Judging You

If you get wasted at the bar, spend too much money or date a guy that your best friend knows is not good for you, he or she will not judge you.  They will have your back and will take care of you.  Even if they have to tell you what you did or how you acted, they will do it in a way to not embarrass or hurt you.


When you are upset with your soulmate, they will tell you.  They will communicate with you and if you are upset then you will be able to talk to them without feeling scared.  Your best friend will want to have a conversation with you when something is wrong.


When you have a soulmate or a best friend, you will know that they love you when they text you constantly.  They will be someone that wants to share their whole life with you and someone that you will want to share your whole life with.

If you send your bestie a bunch of texts that almost equal a novel, you will find that they will send you that many texts back or even more.

Love Honesty

If you have a best friend, then you will want them to be open and honest with you at all times and you will want to be open and honest with them.  It would not be acceptable for your best friend to be dishonest about someone they are dating or someone that you are dating.

When your best friend asks you about the person you are dating or if they show concern, this comes from a place of pure love and you need to take time to listen to them.


When you are with your best friend, you are annoying and ridiculous.  Chances are you will both act like idiots and you will have so much fun together that you will not even realize that this is happening.  You will be laughing so much that you will not notice what other people are saying about you.

Cheering Them Up

If your best friend is upset, you will be the first one there to cheer them up.  The same goes for you.  If you are upset, you can expect that your best friend will bring you your favorite foods or will set up a movie night for you and them.

Having Fun

You have fun with each other no matter what is going on.  If you are worried about your future or if something is going on in your life, chances are, you are still having fun with your soulmate.  This happens because hanging out with her is the best and nothing can change this bond that you have with each other.