Having a Real Connection with Someone

Having a Real Connection with Someone

Finding a real connection is not always easy and there are times that you are with someone that you don’t always immediately click with them.  This can happen because the connection is not really there and even if the relationship is past the first few months or if the relationship is just about sex, you can tell if the connection is real or not.


When you are with someone that you have a real connection with, you don’t have the awkward silence that you have when you are around some people.  There is no anxiety and there does not have to be things said in order for things to be comfortable. When things feel anxious or stressful, the connection probably isn’t there.

Being Yourself

When you are with someone that you are connected with, you don’t have to watch what you say and worry that you are going to say something wrong.  You can be yourself and say whatever comes to your mind without worry.  This means that the conversation will be natural and can go from joking to something serious in seconds, but it flows smoothly.


Your true connection will always want to help you with your life and with your problems.  When you have a hard time figuring something out, your connection will come and help you find out what the problem is. When you connect truly with someone, you will have the peace of mind that they will help you through anything.


Having a real connection means that you are comfortable with who you are with.  Even if you are around someone new, if the connection is there, you won’t be nervous or scared to be who you are.

Sexual Attraction

Being sexually attracted does not mean that you are connected, but when you are connected, you will be sexually attracted to them.  When you feel that connection, you will tingle inside when they are around you.


Sometimes being weird is what makes you special.  If you have a true connection with someone, their weirdness should match yours.  Maybe you like to talk with a British accent, chances are he or she will want to do that too.  Both of you will be able to be ridiculous and fun together without judgment.

Fit Together

The two of you should fit together like a puzzle.  You shouldn’t have a hard time finding something to watch on television or what to eat.  Life should be easy, and you should fit together naturally if you are truly connected.

Strong Feelings

Being connected means that you will not question your feelings about them or their feelings about you.  If you get into an argument, you will make up fast and not question the relationship.  No matter how mad they make you, you can’t stay mad at each other long because there is too much good.


A person that is connected to you should inspire you to be a better person.  There is never enough time to spend with them and you are always hung on what they have to say next.  You want to be the best you and they want that for you.


Before you can have a real connection with someone, you have to be happy and brave in front of them.  You have to be able to say what you want and to do what you want and not feel weird around them.  They should make you comfortable but also at the same time they should want to push you out of your comfort zone so you can try new things, especially with them.


We all have darkness in our life or in our past and your connection will bring this out in you.  They will want to show off all parts of you and want to know about things that happened to you that weren’t so good in your past.  They will share their secrets with you and expect the same out of you.


Your connections eyes will say all that needs to be said.  You will be able to read what they are thinking and what they are feeling and vice versa.  You will be connected, and everything will be okay.

Always There

When you find a real connection, you will feel like they have always been there for you.  You will have a hard time remembering what life was like before them.  You will see that they fit with you perfectly and you will crave the time that you have with them, each and every day.