What’s Wrong with Empathy?

What’s Wrong with Empathy?

What’s Wrong with Empathy?People that are empaths use the energy of the world around them to feel what other people are feeling.  They are caring, sensitive, compassionate and feel the feelings of others.  Is there a bad part of being an empath?

Being an empath means that you will be there for people to give them guidance and to show them love.  It also means that you will see the world in a much darker place than other people do and it can cause you different problems in life.

Handling Emotions

When you are an empath, you have to learn to keep your emotions in check.  Since you feel the emotions of others, sadness can sometimes cause you to be depressed.  It is hard to figure out which emotions are yours and which are the people around you.

Negative Energy

Empaths are forced to deal with a lot of information from a lot of different places.  These energies can bring electrical charges and make you feel tired.  The negative energy that you feel can cause you to be tired and fatigued.


Empaths are very trusting, and they always think the best in people.  They get taken advantage of a lot because they are not going to stand against people or hurt them.  They will attract people that are always needing things but are never willing to give back.  This can cause them to be depressed and angry.


When empaths get more information and emotions, they might start neglecting their own feelings and their body.  This happens often because empaths can become stressed and tired easily and forget that they need to take care of themselves.

Falling in Love

An empath will have a hard time falling in love because they know the world is bad and they have a hard time giving themselves to others.  They will hold on to their heart so that they do not get hurt.

They will most likely never allow themselves to be deep in love because they are afraid that they will not be able to handle it.

Heavy Burden

Empaths are people that do not think of themselves and are always thinking of others.  They feel tha thtey are put on the earth to make others feel better and so they will carry a heavy burden.  They will not be able to help everyone they come in contact with and this can cause them to feel sad and depressed.  They always worry that they will let someone down and not be able to help them.


Empaths have to come to the point where they realize that not all problems are their job to solve.  They have to work so that they do not allow themselves to go to the dark side and this can be avoided by not giving yourself to each person that you meet.  Empaths also have to open their heart more and let their walls down sometimes.