What’s the Difference between Fortune Tellers and Psychic Readers?

What’s the Difference between Fortune Tellers and Psychic Readers?

What’s the Difference between Fortune Tellers and Psychic Readers?Many people think fortune tellers and psychic readers are the same. People seek fortune tellers and psychic readers to get a peek into their future. But they aren’t the same. Their approaches are completely different.

Fortune tellers reveal what your future fortune will be. They read seemingly random patterns in tarot cards or crystal balls to find out these things. But while fortune tellers are able to foresee future events, they can’t provide you any information about what causes those events.

Psychic readers do not focus solely on the future. They also give insight into why things may unfold a certain way. They are able to give you the answers that will best support you. Plus, they have an innate ability to read people’s energy and use that information to help map out what a client’s future paths might be. Some psychics are also mediums and contact spirits to gain insights into the future.

There are three main differences between psychic readers and fortune tellers.

First, fortune tellers interpret events through divination of objects, while psychics only receive information through the direct use of their psychic abilities. Therefore, psychics usually don’t use objects in their readings.

Second, fortune tellers share facts about situations and events, but can not get information about the emotional and spiritual aspects of a situation or event. Therefore, they can’t explain why things will happen. On the other hand, psychics use their powers to provide more thorough explanations and clearer pictures of the causes and effects of events that may unfold in the future. They can perceive your aura and obtain information about your mental and physical health.

Finally, fortune tellers lay out your life path and will likely tell you it’s your only possible path. All that’s left for you to do is accept it and keep walking. However, psychics believe that if you’re given access to the proper information, you’ll be able to alter the outcome of future events. They view your current path as one of many possible options.

Since psychics can see your spiritual energy, they can also discern if you’re holding on to past hurts. They understand that your life path could change if you face the problems now.

Do You Need a Psychic or a Fortune Teller?

If you just desire a glimpse into your future, fortune tellers can provide that. You can find out a bit about what tomorrow may be like, and prepare yourself for what may happen.

But if you want more in-depth information and the potential ability to change your situation’s outcome, you should seek a psychic. The psychic will help you see all angles of the situation, and offer guidance on things you could do to help yourself or improve the situation.

Don’t Get Conned

Genuine psychic readers only use their gifts to help people. They don’t deceive people in an effort to get their money.

If your reader says you have a curse, demons, or bad blood, and only they can clear it, you’re being conned. A deceiver might tell you that you’re very ill and will die soon unless you use their services.

These scammers just want to suck money out of their clients’ pockets. They’re far more concerned with their profits than they are about using their abilities to help other people.

Authentic psychics provide real answers to their clients to the best of their abilities, at a price that was determined prior to the session. They only use their gifts to help other people, and wouldn’t ever use a client’s information to harm them. They never use deceptive means to get money from them.

When seeking a reading, be sure to choose a true psychic, not a trendy fortune teller. Find one with a reputation that proves they’re the real thing. Referrals from friends, family members, or colleagues are signs that you’ve found a reputable psychic reader.

Psychics who’ve been on radio and TV shows and were written up in newspaper and magazine articles are usually the real thing. A con artist would avoid such things out of fear over being exposed.

To find out more about your own future and to get a clearer idea of what tomorrow may bring, schedule your own reading now!