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What will this year bring?

As we all know, 2018 was a wild year. , from foreign policy turning topsy turvy to weird political relationships, not to mention the oddities in the animal kingdom. So what does this year have in store for us?

What will this year bring?Spirituality is not just for those weirdos. (To be honest, aren’t we all a little weird?)   Spirituality is simply a journey to your inner self.  This means that you are apart of everything that happens around you.

So what will that be?

Politically it’s not looking good for the liberal left wing, they will put up a good fight, but they are going to find it rough going trying to change the status quo. This year will be a whirlwind of power struggles. ⠀⠀

But it’s looking like mid-year excitement will abound.  Ideas and creativity will be free flowing. Social interaction will be at its peak.  Our struggles over the first half of the year will turn over and you will want to align yourself with a new set of values.

July will bring forth a new beginning.   September will slow things down, but it will all turn out for the best.

It’s hard to say if this year will be a successor not. It’s going to be a wild ride as we learn many lessons. Things will change as we adjust our perspectives to reflect our journey.  We will learn that the only thing that is truly constant in life is change itself.

What will this year bring?Another lesson we will learn is that hard work will outweigh raw talent and those willing to work will be rewarded.

Speaking of rewards, this year will be filled with love as those people begin to enjoy their time  with each other. This is a change we can all get used to!

A huge advantage of this is that large populations will be affected by this rush of positivity.   People who have spent years in strife and distress will make amends as they realize that a house divided cannot stand.  This will lead to more harmony as peace will wash over whole communities.

This year will be a time of great healing and discovery, ensuring that the following year will be  time of enjoyment and happiness.

Unfortunately there will be world wide challenges that we need to prepare ourselves for.  Authority figures will fumble, but if we hang in there, the struggle will be worth it.  The struggle will lead to the rejoining and healing that multiple world communities need. Former enemies will settle all conflict to work towards the better good.

The current political environment is transitioning from wealth and power to that of cooperation and harmony. Political leaders will have to learn to either cooperate and swim, or throw a tantrum and drown.

The best advice we have from advisors is that honesty needs to become every ones policy. We should all try our best to make sure truth wins in the end.  We should not settle for anything less.

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