Ways of Measuring Prophecy: Prophets or Fortune Tellers

Ways of Measuring Prophecy: Prophets or Fortune Tellers

Ways of Measuring Prophecy: Prophets or Fortune TellersThose who inquire about God’s plan in their lives are not safe. Prophets have not been placed in the church to guide, lead or take charge of individual’s lives under the new covenant. Actually, problems are likely to arise if believers resort to prophets for guidance. This is because it’s the Spirit of God which should lead us and not prophets. (Rom. 8:14).

In once received a wealthy businessman for my meetings. That moment I saw him the Lord spoke to me. He was sorting for the help of a prophetess but his efforts were not bearing fruits. The prophetess was just a fortuneteller and was not being guided by the Holy Spirit.

I informed the man that the Lord says, if he doesn’t stop talking to that woman, he was going to lose everything. However, some individuals only pay attention to the things they want to hear. He continued listening to that woman until he became bankrupt. She lied to him since for him to make a business move, he had to contact her.

The book of 1st Thessalonians 5:20-21 says “do not despise prophesying. Prove all things and hold first to that which is good.” We should not trust each and everything everybody prophesies to us. According to the Bible, we should prove all things to see if they’re God.

However, just because some individuals make mistakes doesn’t mean we shouldn’t sort for the help of prophets. But a true prophet is that who doesn’t try to take control of people’s lives.

Holy Spirit or Familiar Spirits?

Prophets are likely to veer off course if they try to lead and guide people’s lives because they are not set in the church to do so.

There is both supernatural and spectacular knowledge. It’s good to note that Satan also works supernaturally. Pay attention to those people who prophesy for your downfall, especially for you to become bankrupt. Don’t be near them.

On the other hand, there are spirits that are well-known with people, they are evil spirits. These are known as familiar spirits. They usually know a lot about people and their findings are always right.

The Holy Spirit is also aware of such things. He is able to reveal that information if he wants to through the gifts of the Spirit. Anyway, why would he do that? What’s the importance of knowing what someone has in his pocket? That will not glorify God and that’s why such kind of works are part of the familiar spirits.

The Holy Spirit only reveal things that give glory to God. Like, revealing a hidden disease and healing the person. That will definitely give glory to God. He, however, doesn’t show off unless it’s for the good.

Other times there is a thin line between true spirituality, fanaticism, false and manifestations of spiritual gifts. There are quite a number of people who find it hard to tell the difference, but the body of Christ needs to have the ability to do so.

The Inward Witness

Believers shouldn’t be led by prophets but by the inward witness. We need to be careful not to reason things out and override the inward witness.

If an individual is called to prophesy, he needs not to advertise it. This is because people will know if you’re called or not.

When you believe in the word of God, prophets will not shake you. God just wants us to be spiritual to understand how prophets operate. Do not give room for people to run your world through prophecy. As long as you are a believer you should be able to hold fast to the word and God.