Using Sage to Clear Your Space

Using Sage to Clear Your Space

Sage is part of keeping your spiritual life clean and sanitized. You can learn about sage and the spaces around you. Some people will use sage or Palo Santo even on their business cards in order to attract goodness to their life. Just like you care about your physical being, you also have to take care of your spiritual and energetic being. You have to make sure that you are cleaning out negative energy and one way to do this is to burn sage. Burning sage or spraying it can help to heal  your area and it can be used as a tool to make your body healthier.

If you are in a business where a lot of people are in and out of your space, you need to make sure that you are cleansing your area often. Having this kind of energy in and out of your area can cause you to be unbalanced. It is important to focus on the places in your home and office that the most energies are exchanged.

Understanding Smudging

There is a history of smudging or burning sage. It has gone back in time and has been used to get rid of unwanted spirits.

Buying Sage

There are different kinds of sages that you can buy such as White Sage, California White Sage, or other herbs. There are good places to go and buy these herbs Such as Taos Herb which is a shop that sells these things. The best thing to avoid when buying sage is to avoid buying them from large vendors or from places like Amazon.

The Smoke and Science

Sage isn’t just used to cleanse energies it is also used to clear bacteria from your area. It can make your brain absorb things in the body and it can clear up airborne bacteria in the air. This can also disinfect things around you. When you burn sage, negative ions are released and this allows your mood to become better.

Sage can also increase your wisdom and give you a clear mind if you need it.

Open the Windows and Doors

Before you even begin burning sage, make sure that you have all of your doors open. You can make sure that the doors or the windows are open so that unwanted energies have a place to go. You never want to keep the house sealed shut when you are burning sage.

When you keep things closed up, there is a lack of oxygen and so burning sage in a small area can cause you to not be able to have the change that you need. By opening the windows and the doors you can let the energies that are negative leave your area. This will bring healing to the space around you.

If you work with clients and you have cleared your space, telling them about it might seem a little odd. Some believe that this is an activity from the spiritual world but once they hear about it, chances are that they will be interested.

Using sage means that you need to have a ventilated area so that the energy can become new. Any energy that isn’t good for you can leave through the open window and door.

How to Prepare for Burning Sage

You can move the sage stick around or you can find a feather or use a fan to spread out the smoke of the sage. Once you light it, you can make sure that the sage is hitting all the spaces around you and that the herbs are getting the job done.

Be Careful Lighting the Sage

Make sure that you are holding the sage at an angle when you light it. Let it burn for about 15 seconds and then you can blow out the flame and see the smoke start to rise. You will have embers and you need to make sure that you don’t get burnt.

If you can’t keep your sage lit, you might have it too tight. If this happens the oxygen cannot get in and it won’t stay burning. You can loosen the ribbon and you can light it again so that it has room to let oxygen through. This will help you to be able to sage your whole area without letting the embers catch anything on fire.

Picking an Alternative

If you decide that you don’t want to burn sage, you can always find a sage spray. This will work the same and it will leave your area smelling amazing. You can do this in your home, office or even if you stay at a hotel. Some sage will be in the form of an oil, and it will have crystal essences in it.