Using Clairaudience to Hear your Spiritual Guides

Using Clairaudience to Hear your Spiritual Guides

Even though you may not understand or realize this, there are beings in the spiritual realm that surround you at all times—even at this very moment. In fact, those spirit guides have accompanied you since the moment of your birth.

This is true not only of you but of everyone. These spirit guides have been with us since we were born and will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We also have temporary guides who stay with us for certain stages of our lives. Some are with us during our childhoods, while others remain with us for shorter or longer intervals, such as the specific period of time we spend learning to master a new skill.

What Spirit Guides Do

As the name implies, the main function of spirit guides is to provide guidance. Spirit guides are beings that once lived in human form, but through repeat incarnations, they have risen to the level at which they no longer require incarnation in physical bodies. They advance to function as spirit guides for people still living in the physical realm.

How Spirit Guides Help Us

Spirit guides provide guidance in many different ways, including so-called “gut feelings” or sending us messages in our dreams. But the most intriguing way to receive guidance may be to intuitively hear your spirit guides. To do this, you must awaken your extra-sensory abilities and develop your intuitive hearing—an ability known as “clairaudience.”

Clairaudience, literally translated as “clear hearing,” is the intuitive ability to hear sounds from the spiritual realm. People with clairaudience can hear sounds that are not from the physical world, including voices, songs, and music. In other words, clairaudients hear sounds made by spirit guides as well as angels and other non-physical beings.

Who Has Clairaudience?

Every person is born with intuitive hearing. But unlike physical hearing that has functioned naturally since before you were born, your intuitive ears must be stimulated and developed.

You may have already experienced your sense of clairaudience without even realizing it. If you ever heard a voice that nobody else could hear, or you answered because you heard somebody called you by name but nobody actually did, you heard spirit voices with your intuitive ears You were hearing spirit guides communicating with you.

Examples of Clairaudience

Developing clairaudience will allow you to hear your spirit guides’ voices, such as:

  • Hearing their voices inside your head.
  • Hearing clear, audible warnings that don’t originate with the people physically around you.
  • Hearing entities call to you when you’re physically alone.
  • Hearing things while you’re drifting off to sleep, such as conversations or music.

Developing Your Intuitive Hearing

While every person is innately able to hear sounds that originate in the spiritual realm, it will take some practice to listen to them at will. This ability develops at different rates from one person to another, with some people naturally developing it more quickly than others.

To develop your intuitive ability of clairaudience, practice the following steps every day.

  1. Spend time in silence. Clear your mind by escaping from the noises of everyday life, such as vehicles, electronics, people talking, mechanical devices, and so on. If you can’t spend time in total silence, listen to the constant, low-frequency sound of a water fountain, or the ebbing and flowing tones of a relaxing breeze outside in nature. This will help you practice tuning your ears into other sounds.
  2. Be aware. Ambient noises are so typical that we bareley notice them anymore. But when you’re trying to develop your intuitive sense of clairaudience, you must become aware of all physical sounds, however minor. For instance, next time you’re at a restaurant, separate the tread of passing feet from the clinking of utensils and the muted conversations of the other diners. This will help you fine-tune your intuitive ears to notice sounds that most other people pay no attention to.
  3. Be more sensitive. As you become more aware of all of the sounds that surround you, you’ll learn to discern the sounds that do not originate in the physical realm. These spiritual sounds include conversations inside of your head, the sounds you hear when you’re falling asleep, and the tones of messages that jump out at you as you read. You’ll soon realize that you’re naturally hearing many things that other people aren’t hearing!

With regular practice and consistent discipline, you’ll learn to tune into sounds from the spiritual realm This increasing sensitivity naturally opens the way for you to regularly and more clearly hear your spirit guides.