Understanding a Psychic Reading

Understanding a Psychic Reading

Many people are curious about psychics and many of them have the idea of being skeptical.  They feel that psychics tell lies and that the spirits are there but that they are not able to really feel or hear them.

There are some things that are wrong about psychics and what a reading can actually do or what it is all about.  You can use a reading for personal growth and there are things you should keep in mind before getting a reading.

Don’t Worry About Time

You need to make sure that you are not worried about time.  There are psychics that will give a timeline to people and they are not always correct.  You should never ask when something is going to happen.  If a psychic makes this prediction on their own, this is one thing, but know that timelines can be wrong at least half the time.  It is rare that a psychic would give a timeline because the universe is different than the physical timeline.

Don’t Try to Control It

Make sure that you are not trying to control what is going on with the reading.  You need to focus on what they are telling you and let the universe do its work.  If you ask about the future and what it will look like, you are using a map to offer guidance through the reading, and you are not helping the psychic out at all.

You have a thousand different soulmates and different paths that you can take that can be successful, but you have to open your heart and mind when you are wanting to get a reading.  Focus on what you are hearing instead of what you want to hear.

Ask Questions

Asking a psychic question is a good thing.  You should always go with questions written down so that you can have a focus when you do your session.  You need to know what you want to discuss when you go so that you do not get off track.  Asking “what do you see in my future,” is a very open-ended question and you need to ask more specific things.

Remember that You have Intuition

Everyone is born with some intuition and most of the people do not try to use their psychic powers.  We do learn to listen to our gut feeling sometimes.  Remember, use this when you do a reading, so you know if you are being led right.

Know Your Psychic

If you meet someone and you like how they do your reading, get to know them.  Having a connection with them can open up your spirit world to them and allow them to connect better with you.  Get to know more about them and what they are focused on.


Enjoy getting a reading and do not worry about it not being perfect, remember that the future can change based on what happens in your life.  Since everyone lives on free will, just hearing your future can cause it to take a different path.