Tips to Rid Yourself of Negative Energy

Tips to Rid Yourself of Negative Energy

Consider the following: you have gotten a piece of good news that has been much awaited and you immediately share it on social media. It does not matter what your news happens to be, but you are happy and wanting to share it. However, the good news may suddenly feel like something negative, like the world has taken a wrong time. It may make you remember the way your mother taught you to avoid negative energy, but not fully understand why you have this feeling.

You do not necessarily need to be a monk to sense subtle vibration changes around you. When you pay attention, you will more easily recognize and learn the symptoms. These may include things like feeling restless and not being able to sleep. You may also feel depressed and anxious or even out of control. This can lead to absorbing the negativity from the thoughts of others very quickly. The negative energy can be toxic to the entirety of your system. It is important to identify the cause and source of the negativity and detach yourself, but this is not always easy. This is especially true if it is someone you are close to in life. If someone specific is causing the negativity, take it slow and begin by spending less time with them. Establish and maintain boundaries so you no longer get pushed into situations that you do not really want to be in and that cause more negativity.

With this individual or several individuals being kept at bay with boundaries, it is necessary to calm yourself down and relax. One of the quickest ways to calm down is to meditate. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, observe each thought as it passes, but do not label it, and take several deep breathes to relax and feel the weight of the world lifted from you. If meditation is not for you, jogging or walking can also lift your spirits and drive away negativity. When you feel like doing nothing, it is even more important to do something to help you rid yourself of negativity. You also need to clear your space. Clear your closets, clean your tabletops and counters, and rid yourself of clutter you do not need. This will help clear your mind as well.

As you take all these steps, make mental notes about how often you complain on any given day. You may be doing so often without realizing it. The more you whine and complain, the more you focus on the negative thing you are complaining about. Start focusing on the solution instead of complaining which does no good. You can even take the extra step of smudging or salting to get rid of negative vibes in your space. Try pouring salt in the four corners of a room and letting it set for 48 hours when it should be cleaned up and thrown out. If salt does not work for you, try smudging with a sage stick to run out negative energy. Incense can have similar effects if a smudge stick is not available. If possible, while you do this, keep the windows open so air and sunlight can get in and negative energy can exit. Adding plants can also help as long as they are vital and thriving. Negativity does not have to be part of your life permanently. Learn to let it go.