The Intuitive Connection to Love

Intuitive Connection to Love

Love and intuition simply go together. Each of us has felt that shiver up their spine or butterflies in the stomach when that special someone looked in their eyes. Perhaps you feel instantly connected to someone even though you never met them before. These are natural occurrences of intuition and they are so commonplace; they are often taken for granted. We all have some intuitive ability. This can be as simple as knowing something without knowing how. Still, intuition, like love, can be compelling and mysterious, bypassing both rational and logical thinking. This is because both have their roots in the soul. They are both powerful energies that enhance life experiences. In fact, knowing one will offer a deeper understanding of the other.

Intuition is as unique as you. It may be received as a thought or energy field, or through emotions. If you intuit mostly through ideas and thoughts, you are a mental intuitive. It means you are naturally telepathic or able to tune into, send and receive thought messages to someone or a group of people. Emotional intuitives usually focus on emotions, able to easily pick up on others’ feelings. Mental intuitives are empathetic and are often the go-to person when someone needs emotional support. Spiritual intuitives receive intuitive vibrations through an energy field and can often see angels and auras. They have an active dream life and tend to be free spirits. Finally, physical intuitives absorb energy through their body even though it is through someone else.

Once you know your intuitive type, you can develop and use it with your natural intuition with greater success. The type of intuition type you have also plays a role in your ability to communicate, understand, and grow in intimacy with others. This often shows up as knowing what your loved one needs without asking, dreaming of deceased loved ones, or feeling their emotions as you hold their hand. This may all seem random, but it can be part of your intuitive strength. The bond of love between two individuals can strengthen and intensify ability. So developing your ability can also help build your love.

Partner Exercise

The following is an exercise that is to be completed with a partner when you both have time to participate. Start by finding a time when both you and your partner can be undisturbed for an agreed upon amount of time. You do not even have to be in the same area, just quiet and connected in the same time period. At the agreed upon time, sit or lie down and take long deep breathes with your eyes closed. Imagine each breath is cleansing and exhaling is clearing away stress and tension. As you settle into the rhythmic breathing, visualize your partner. Do not force this, but bring them to your mind’s eye. Feel your connection to them. Keep visualizing as you wait for them to smile or acknowledge you in some way. This is an intuitive exercise, so you may just ‘know’ when they are aware of you. This is not necessarily the same as three dimensional seeing, it may feel like your imagination, but this is good, keep it going.

Now, practice one of the intuitive communication techniques.

  • Mental – Take a long deep breath and as you exhale, imagine releasing and letting go of mind chatter. Keep going as you imagine your thoughts exiting without allowing them to gain importance. They will eventually dissipate. Now imagine your mind expanding and overtaking your partner’s mind. Tune into their thoughts and send them a thought or question. Project this thought as you continue to breath deeply. Stay in this place and focus on breathing. Receive what comes in while focused. When you feel the concentration is wavering, send a thank you and release negative stress through breathing. Open your eyes and write what you received.
  • Emotional – Before beginning, make sure you know and understand your own mood. If not a calm, happy mood, try deep breathing to relax and exhale the negative. Then continue to breath deeply to relax. Inhale and exhale, feeling it in the heart. Imagine the heart encompassing your partner. Feel what your partner is feeling and take it in. Once complete, send them love and allow them to disconnect. Now open your eyes.
  • Spiritual – Imagine your partner in your mind’s eye. Notice as many details as possible about them. Energetically transport yourself to them and draw close as you feel the energy surrounding them. See if they have a message or mood to share through their aura. Take in what you are experiencing and imagine your partner surrounded by white light. This is love and protection you can leave with them as you return to your physical space and then open your eyes.
  • Physical – A physical intuitive may do best to hold a photo of their loved one or a personal object. Hone into the energy from the source. This is called psychometry. Close your eyes and breath while imagining a white light moving from your head through your body. Breath to relax tight areas and continue until you are fully relaxed. Now, imagine your partner while becoming aware of the experience. See if you can feel what your partner is feeling. If you feel a tight spot that needs relaxing, breathe through it. Once complete, move back to your own space and your partner will do the same. Send loving, light energy to your partner. When finished, open your eyes.

Love is a potent life force energy that is not restricted by the confines of space, time, or condition. There are no barriers, just as with love when two people become one. Develop your intuitive connection to love and allow it to unfold in your life freely.