Six Steps to Create an Abundant Life

Six Steps to Create an Abundant Life

Six Steps to Create an Abundant LifeEveryone wants a life that is full. People want to enjoy life, not stress, and have what they want. Many times, people think they must be rich to have that kind of life. Money certainly helps, but there are ways to create an abundant life right now. The best part is that when you do start down the path of creating that life, money seems to fall out of the sky into your lap.

So how do you do it? Below are six things you can do right now to create a more abundant life.

  1. Change your attitude.

This is crucial because how we view money and our circumstances sends vibes into the world. It can prevent those who would share knowledge and opportunities with us from speaking up.

There are those who look at what they have and simply state it isn’t enough. They live in lack. There are others who understand that what they have is a blessing and can be used to pay what is needed.

For example, someone suddenly gets $900 out of the blue. They are ecstatic, but the next day their dog gets sick and needs an operation. The cost is $900. There are two responses to the situation. The first response is that you can never get money to enjoy life because something else always takes it away. The second response is that the universe knew the expense was coming regardless and provided money to pay it.

  1. Get rid of money blocks.

There are those who have thoughts or ideas about money that prevent them from being richer than they are. An example is the idea that people with wealth are bad while the saints live in poverty. First, that isn’t true and, second, the idea subconsciously prevents you from wanting wealth because that would make you a bad person. That can affect all your actions in your career and opportunities.

  1. Get rid of stuff.

It may sound crazy to tell someone to get rid of unused items in order to have a wealthy life. However, hanging onto things because “you may need them one day” is pointless. It is basically telling the universe you are full. If you get rid of stuff, then there is room for the universe to bless you with newer, nicer things.

Plus, many people hang onto things for emotional reasons or because they think they will never have anything nice again. Those are just other mental blocks preventing you from living your best life. Let go.

  1. Be grateful.

This is one thing that really works to build a life of abundance. You don’t need a lot of things to be grateful. Everyone has numerous blessings they can find in their lives. An attitude of gratitude does wonders to open up doors in business, your love life and in family relationships. A grateful person shows more happiness and that naturally draws people to you.

  1. Do your part.

Be proactive in creating the life you want. In the book, Where the Red Fern Grows, a young boy wanted to hunting dog puppies. He started working to save up money to buy them. He said he figured if he did his part to get the pups, God would do the rest. He got the dogs.

With your life, you don’t need to work 24 hours a day to have the life you want. Set some goals and work to achieve them on a consistent basis. Do a vision board and review it regularly to keep your focus. You can clean and organize your home, eat healthy, make a rich dessert or do other things that improve your quality of life right where you are. Decide some things to do.

  1. Use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is pretty simple. We draw in the things we think about. If we think negatively and about lack, that is what we bring into our lives. If we think about abundance and focus on our blessings, we bring more of that into our lives. Basically, we attract what is planted in our thoughts.

This is why it’s important to keep a check on your thoughts. Surround yourself with positive things and happy people. You will find that you will have more than enough when you do.

Doing just these few things will go a long way to change your life and move it in a positive direction. It will take time, but things do change and you will begin to see lots of possibilities opening up. That will, in turn, encourage more positive behavior something from you.