Reasons why Clairvoyants are hired by Organizations as Business Specialists

Reasons why Clairvoyants are hired by Organizations as Business Specialists

Reasons why Clairvoyants are hired by Organizations as Business SpecialistsMahendra Sharma will inform you how the stock market will be viewed the following week or year. In 2012 Sharma told his customers not to purchase products after Facebook’s IPO fell sharply because the price was to rise by 50% and it truly came to pass. Due to the fact that he is an investment advisor, he didn’t know this.

Sharma has written quite a number of books since the launch of his financial astrology business in 2001. Sharma’s services are not as uncommon as anyone can expect. CEO makes decisions with the help of supernaturals or by the use of clairvoyant’s vitality.

Corporate services were invented in the 1980s; this is according to a cultural historian and writer Lawrence R. Samuel. Clairvoyants gained momentum during that time and were used as an alternative to therapists. And this was a way to break through in the business world. Is there any business owner who does not want a crystal ball?

The clairvoyant’s services industry worth is $2billion every year with an annual growth of 2.5% in the past 5 years. This is according to market research from IBIS World.

Linda Lauren has been both a professional clairvoyant and corporate psychic since the 70s and the 90s. She even listed big clients such as Pernod Ricard on her schedule. She has the capability of reading vitalities through colored bubbles that appear to her, she calls herself a “color expert”. She’s been of help to companies, helping them make decisions like the hiring of new staff and reorganization of workplaces. She has also given viable investments’ insight to clients who work on Wall Street.

She says her business has almost a quarter of corporate clients who believe greatly in her work and it’s that belief that makes some of her clients very successful. Study shows that individuals who believe in supernatural works are likely to be more successful due to their confidence and belief.

During those uncertainty moments, clairvoyants services tend to thrive. When things are okay, individuals don’t dial 1-800-PYSCHICS. People look for them mostly when there are financial constraint and market slumps.

However, Sharma says that his clients are always consistent regardless of their financial situation. His predictions are offered in a weekly newsletter which is $550 per month and an annual subscription is $5,790.

There are companies who see that as a very fair price as long as the advice is good. PlayStation and Xbox makers once used the services of clairvoyant Laura Day who used to charge them $10,000 per month. Day says that she has been able to save a lot of money in this business.

Sean David Morton was sued in 2010 by the Securities and Exchange Commission for conning his clients to give him money for investments which he later channeled to his business. He was able to earn $6 million which rose from this fraud. The SEC revealed that apart from conning his clients, Morton was also a fake psychic.

Zarza says he understands why corporate clients are reluctant on hiring a clairvoyant. The thought of working with a clairvoyant to help make choices among people and business leaders has not yet been embraced. The fact that there are psychics that can’t be trusted may be the reason why. He still has many corporate clients who he has been working with for a long time. These clients keep going back because of the positive results they receive from him. some of his clients even call him adviser and not psychic.