Reasons the Law of Attraction is Not Working for You

Law of Attraction is Not Working for You

The Law of Attraction can bring with it wonderful gifts, spiritual lessons, and transformations, but if it is not working for you then there may be a reason. Most will go through this at some time or another and it is usually because of some impulsive action we took without really thinking it through. The universe is not against us at any point, even if it feels like it. However, to use the Law of Attraction, we must understand the rules. There are a few key things you must know and live by to keep on the positive side of things and help your abilities come through. These will be shared below.

You are Not Prepared

This is a somewhat ironic one, but one we are all likely guilty of in life. We tend to think when we ask the universe for something specific, we are ready to receive it, but this is not always the case. For example, many people will ask for a $1 million, but have no real clue what they would spend such a vast amount on in their lives. They have no idea what to do with it, where to store it, or how to set up a bank account for such a large amount. Perhaps you have a general idea like a vacation with the money, but do you have a destination in mind or what activities would be included? Thinking through the details in terms of actual money instead of a wish can make a huge difference. If you are well prepared then the process of the Law of Attraction can begin to offer you your desire.

Lack of Clarity on What You Want

This reason alone can be the reason why you are not manifesting your desires. If you are not clear on what you want then the universe cannot send you anything. You must ask for what you want in a clear manner. If you do not know the specifics, the universe may send nothing or may send what it thinks you need, but that could be far from what you want. If you cannot get clear on the exact thing you want, then start with a clear essence of what you want and then add in the details. Also be clear on why you want what you want. The why is equally important in attracting things. The universe may be less likely to provide a new sports car if you just want to live in luxury as opposed to a new van with lots of safety features for your three children when you need a new car. Get specific.

You are Not Releasing the Desire to the Universe

Attachment is a huge hindrance to the Law of Attraction. You may really want the desire to come to fruition, but really needing something means you are less likely to get it in this manner. This is because you are holding tight to the lack of the item and if you do not let go, the universe cannot provide. It is fine to feel like you want something, but needing it or “fill in the blank with the worst case” is actually limiting to the Law of Attraction. Desperation is a repellant for the thing you desire.

Subconsciously Believing You Cannot Have It

This is a mindset issue and relatively easy to overcome once it is recognized. It is also a huge barrier to attracting desires. If you can truly believe you can have your desire, you are halfway to achieving it. Think of your desires in terms of when they will happen, not if. If the opinions of others are influencing you then realize you need to trust in yourself, not others. Let go of thinking that says something is impossible and trust yourself.

Attracting the Wrong Things

We manifest all the time. It is not something that can be turned off and on at will. All of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs dictate reality. If most of your day is spent dwelling in the past or you are always looking into the future without ever truly being present then the Law of Attraction is unlikely to work for you because you are manifesting more of what you are dwelling on.

The Law of Attraction is a way of life and to allow for radical transformations, we must be open to it happening. This starts with thinking about why you can have something instead of reasons you cannot.