Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

As you go through life on this Earth, you will see that you have hardships, challenges and lessons that the universe will give you.

There are different techniques that you can do in order to energize yourself and to protect yourself so that you are not affected by negative energies around you.  Psychic protection will help to keep you feeling positive and to reach the most potential that you have without lessening your vibrational frequencies.  Other people can sabotage your happiness and can bring about attacks that will affect you, therefore, protection is a must.

Your angels will be there to help make sure that you are protected along the way.

Protection from Fear and Negativity

The great thing about using a bright light to shield yourself is that it helps to block out the negative energies that you will get that lower your vibrational frequencies.  If you are afraid, it causes you to have less power.

If you have faced fear, having a shield of energy can help to fill you with positive things.  Filling your life with light and knowing that your angels are with you can allow you to feel truth and know that your vibrations are protected.  This puts light over you and the angels will be there to protect your energy field that is important for you mental and physical self.

Using Protection

Having psychic protection means that you can stand in line at a store or a restaurant and be on your cell phone or at home and when negative energies come into your space, you will be protected.  This will keep you safe from the energies of others, such as energy vampires.

One sign that shows that there are negative energies around you is how your mood changes.  If you are full of love and positivity, you will want to keep yourself safe and protected so you can keep these emotions that are positive on the surface.

If you feel upset, sad, full of fear, scared, depressed or feel that your emotions go up and down, chances are that you have taken on a lot of energy from the world around you and this is negative energy.  Using psychic protection will not only create a shield around you, it will also clean you and protect the aura that is part of yourself.  This protection will fill you with bright light and help you to feel centered and balanced and true.

Archangel Michael

When you focus on your energy, you will be able to see a bright light around your heart and around your body. Ask the space around you and to bring forth positive energies to you.  Ask the universe to do the greatest good in your life.

Call the light into your body and your heart and as you let air out, a golden light will flow all around your body and will give you positive energy into your aura.  This will create an orb around you.

Let the golden light protect your body and your spirit.  This light is also great for your mind and will keep your energy level from being drained.  The light will help align your body and will bring your body into bright light that is needed.

Golden Light and Your Energies

Think about this ball of golden light flowing through you.  This light will become stronger as it flows and as the angels call it forth.  This light will come from each direction and your shield will be stronger.  Focus on your mind and on the pineal gland in your mind and imagine the light entering you

Focus all of your energy on this light and imagine it getting brighter and brighter.  See the light go from a spark to the size of a baseball.  Let the glowing light feel like the sun beating down on you.  Take deep breaths and relax as this light gets bigger and bigger until it is the size of a basketball.  Imagine this light being divine and pure.

Let this light start at your head and work down through your eyes, your throat, your heart, and through all of your chakras.  Let the light flow through all seven chakras and imagine this light spreading out like a disk.  Let the light be a foundation to you.

More Light

Focus on the light in your pineal gland and imagine another spark of light flowing fast and growing into a ball.  Let this light sit at your belly button.  Then, let the light go to your legs, feet, stomach and through your body protecting your energy field.  Protect y our root and all of your other chakras with this light.

Focus on your Third Eye and call in more light to enter you.  Let the light expand and then create even another ball of light that will enter your pineal gland and put protection around your mind and your head.

Focus on your heart and let the ball of light surround your heart.  Let this small light become bigger and bigger and now you are protected in your mind, spirit and body.  Make sure all of the energy centers are being filled with this light.

Increase the Light

Think about the light around you and see it is getting brighter and brighter.  As the light gets stronger and faster, know that it is increasing in the vibrations and increasing your frequency.  As the light shins brighter and brighter, know that you have released the spiritual powers.

Ask the angels to pull the light out that is negative and anything that is based on fear or negativity in your life.  Let the angels release the negativity and focus on the light around you.  Know that this light is protecting you.  Allow the love and guidance of your spirit guides to fill inside of you and to awaken you.  Ask the angels to protect you of anything that is not going to help you.

The light that is around you will protect you on each and every level of life and will give you a spiritual and beautiful shield.  Don’t forget to thank your spirit guides and your angels for this shield.

Do it Fast

If you need to protect yourself fast, just ask your angels to protect you right now,  Open up your heart and let the spirit guides and the angels to put the light inside of you and let it drop down.  Let the light shield you and protect your chakras.  Pay attention to the light around you from your head down to your heart.

Ask the light to come forth and ask the angels to create the light so you can have power and so you can shine bright.  Ask for protection of your body so that you can continue to have love and joy.  Having love and joy makes a huge difference in your life and you need love to manifest through you.

More Protection

There are many different techniques that you can do in order to make sure that your body and mind are protected.  Remember, you need to have joy and love to stop darkness and negativity to cause you to drown.  If you have strange energies that are trying to take over your life, you need to call on your angels and ask them to surround you with light.  Your angels and spirit guides love you and support you and they will bless you if you ask them to.

White Light and Love

Think about the light and see it as a ball that is pushing in and getting rid of the negative energies all around you.  Watch the negative energies turn into light.

Think about the negative energies that are released from your body, spirit and mind and know that your angels are taking this negative energy and changing it into positive light and love.

Imagine that you are wearing this ball of light in your body and if you find people around you that want to drain your energy, know that the light will protect you with love and will get rid of any negative energies that try to surround you.

If you feel that your light needs to be boosted or cleansed, ask Michael to come and change this and to help you.  He will immediately.  Ask him to protect you now and he will.

Purple Light

This light is not normally used but is just as good as the white light.  The purple light is a great light to protect you and the angel Metatron likes to help you with this.  Ask him to protect your spirit, body and mind with purple light and to cleanse you and give you positive energy.  Ask him to get rid of your negative energies.

Look at the light that is inside of you and think of it as a pyramid over your head.  The base of this light will go down all the way to the Earth and will cover you. The purple light will give you energy and will take away your negative energy easily.  This is a powerful way to get healed.

Mirror Ball

Another great way to protect yourself is to look at the area around you and imagine it being overtaken by a ball of light that has mirrors. This light reflects away any negative energy that tries to get on you and keeps you loving and full of joy.

This technique might seem easy but it is very effective and is a powerful way to protect you when you are around large groups of people and you are surrounded by negative energies.

Another way to do this is to imagine a large body of armor that is on you and protecting me.

Prayer and Affirmations

Think and pray so that you can be protected.  This tool will help you to put a positive energy shield around you.

Say “I am safe, and I am good,” and feel the light flowing around you.  See your fear turning into love.

Ask your angel Michael or angel Uriel to help you and ask them to protect you and lift you up.  Say positive things such as “I can only have love in my presence,” or “I am surrounded by joy and being kept safe.”  These affirmations can help to protect you when you are feeling it and believing it as truth.


Angels always want to help you and protect you from your pain.  They want to keep you safe from negative energies.

When you need help, ask for it, the angels are there to protect you.  Ask them and they will come to you in one form or another.

Just simply ask the angels to come to you and give you love and light.  Ask them to put a shield around you.  They can give you powerful energy and want to do this for you.

You can use all of the techniques together or you can use them separately.  Use them when you are needing them or when you are in a public place or around someone that seems very negative.

Use effort to shield yourself so that you do not lower your vibrations.

Why Do You Need Protection?

Even if you have had life lessons to show you things, you have made choices to walk in love and to serve others.  Even when you do this, you will be faced with negative energies.

If you are a light worker, you will be on a path for love and light and you will have negative energies that try to take away your love and disrupt you.  This can be a psychic attack and can cause you to be fearful or negative.

When negative things happen to you, or when they come from entities, you have to stop them and keep the negative energies from attacking you because it can cause your soul to become lost and cause you to suffer and have fear.

Many people have achieved higher levels of love and light no matter what the attack is.

This idea of negative and positive energies is important to you because you need to be able ot grow spiritually.  If you feel that you are needing to defend yourself or protect yourself, then you need to do these things.

Entities will start small and will put a chip in your energy shield.  They will fill you with fear, anger and frustration and when they can make you focus on this, it will cause you to be compromised and to lower your vibrational frequencies.

Remember that drugs and alcohol weaken your spirit and can cause you to lose protection.  If you choose to do these things, put on extra light and keep your energy field up.

When you think of protection, you have to think of other peoples and other negative entities.  All of these are real and so you have to be ready to fight against a psychic attack that comes against you.  If you have negative disturbances, these are coming from inside of you.

When you get your vibrational frequency lifted, you will have a new level of light and your body will have more energy and transformation.  These energies will cause you to bring up past pain and will cause you to be emotional.

When pains form the past come to you, you will have a memory of fear and anger.  You will not be able to accurately reflect what is going on and you will be distracted.  You have to deal with this right away.

The answer is to respond to these psychic situations with love and compassion.

Negative entities hate love and they want to make you have past issues of anger.

Ask Michael to let joy shields you.  Any negative feelings that you have either inside or outside can be scary and can cause you to have sleepless nights and nightmares.  This is a spirit of negativity where you will have fear and anxiety and you will be miserable.  These things can stop you from being able to love others or can prevent you from moving along your path.

When you look at fear or anger, this is a natural response when negative things happen.  This can be external things and can cause your heart chakra to close and become unbalanced.

One reason this is important is that you have to learn to identify what past pain you have so that you can heal from it.  Once you can identify it and process the pain, you can do things to protect yourself.  By keeping your energy high and having light to protect you, you can be protected from negative energy and any psychic attacks.  Use these protection exercises to help you enjoy peaceful periods of love and light.