Past Life and Your Relationships Today

Past Life and Your Relationships Today

Most of us have been in a relationship that we considered to be a good relationship. The person probably made you feel that you were full of energy and brought you happiness. When you meet them, you realize that this can be someone that would make a great partner or a great friend.

One of the worst relationships that you have ever had was probably one that caused you to struggle and to feel a lot of stress and bad feelings. You might have had many struggles and misunderstood each other. This could also be a friendship or a partner. Maybe you have met this person, but you disliked them almost immediately.

All of these kinds of relationships exist because of your past life relationship with their souls. We sometimes feel that we have someone that we love forever even though we just met them, and this is because we have known them forever just in different lives.

Past Life Relationships

When you realize that you have past life relationships, chances are that you will feel a lot of intensity in this relationship and it might even surprise you.

Maybe you met someone accidently and you talked about things, but you did not think much of it. Then if you meet them again, you felt like you had talked the whole time. If you chose to spend the day with them then you will see that you have exchanged things in your life fast like you are bringing each other up to date so that you can get to know each other well.

You will see that your past life friend is taking you on a spiritual journey that is strong and helps you to have a powerful connection. Maybe even after a short conversation that you found that they brought you happiness and strong feelings that confused you or made you think of them constantly.

This might be part of your normal life and it could be that you become in a relationship with them and you see that it is passionate and strong.

You might look back and wonder how you ended up together and how you were able to commit to each other on such a strong basis.


In your past life you have been somewhere, maybe in the city or in a village. Maybe you were a Sultan or maybe you were poor.

Chances are you were in relationships with people and there might have been goodness or disappointments that you had to face. If you were in a harem, for example, maybe you felt that you were unimportant in the relationship and you wanted someone to be proud of you.

Maybe you were punished for being angry in your relationship. Then, when you meet the soul in your life now, you might have found that you become friends or lovers right away. This can be an intense relationship because of your strong past.

This relationship can cause you to look at yourself and to have feelings differently than you expected.

Many Lives

When you get rid of your past life, you have to learn to explore it first. You have to be aware of what your soul has went through rather it was good or bad.

You might repeat things in your present that happened in your future and if you learn to look for themes, you might see that things feel similar or have a similar relationship dynamic.


Some people have incarnated many times and sometimes you will play one role and then another. You might be a mother in one life and then be a child in the next life. Depending on what happens and what the circumstances are can determine what your status is.

The patterns that you have in your life can be important. Maybe you have had to neglect things you wanted in your past lives so that you could find yourself in your present life and marry the person that was meant for you.

Your pattern can change depending on who you are and what you go through.


The influences and patterns that have happened in your past life can affect your relationships. Even though you have an instant connection with someone, you might find them hard to deal with and feel that you are with someone too controlling.

Maybe both of you need to be healed and you want someone that is balancing you. Maybe you are aware of the patterns that are happening in your life.

The people that you are meeting might be someone that is there to show you truth and to listen to you on your journey.

The more successful you are in understanding your skills, the more your life will grow and the happier you will be.

Your past life can impact the people that you meet in your life. If you have soul regression it can mean you are still trying to have relationships with someone that you already released, and they can cause you to have obsessive feelings.


If you have to walk away form a relationship, chances are you need to heal. You might need to go to regression therapy so that you can get help from your past life.

Learn to recognize your patterns and your relationships and learn to focus on your past life so that you can move forward.