Numerology and Luck

Numerology and Luck

Numerology and LuckSome days, years, months and lives seem luckier than others do.  One thing that most of the moments in your life has in common with your spiritual life is that it relates to different numbers.  All of your life can be broken down by minute, second, hour, day and more.  What are the numbers trying to tell you?

Numbers aren’t mysterious, they are practical and using numerology as a guide can help yo9u to be luckier than ever.

Setting a Date

Some thing never happen because they are never started.  When something opens in your life it gives you knowledge and helps you to meet new people.  Sometimes you might get a new path.  Numerology gives importance in setting a date for the new relationship or job or having a child.

What if you don’t consider the numerical advice that you are giving and you don’t start things when you should.  Chances are that you are putting things off.  Luck follows those who start things instead of waiting on them.

Being Successful in Numbers

If you wondered if you can be too anxious about decisions, the answer is yet.  People who wait to make decision take too much time to see if the decision is correct.  If you take this to extreme, you might be too anxious to enjoy your life and you will miss your luck.

When you focus on making a decision and you miss the clues then you will miss new opportunities and possibilities that you could have had.  The more you learn about yourself the more you will find the best outcome for yourself and use luck on your side.

Wild Card

The wild card can be any number that you want, if you feel exhausted about your life then you can find a new life with the wild card.  Find a new way to work or find a new job positions.  Even pick a new hobby.

If you play the same number over and over then you will not look outside the box at what the world has to offer.  You will limit your opportunity and your life and you will not be happy.

Numbers Are Usually Not Constant

Dates, times and locations are always changing and they hardly ever are the same.  Sometimes numbers have less to do with what you are going for in your life and more to do with what is still about to come.  Don’t worry about what can go wrong but accept what can go right and take chances.

Once you realize that you can play numbers then you will find that you can be happy and that you can push the bad thoughts aside and live a great life.