Methods of Fortune Telling


It can be a surprise to know that there are several ways to tell a fortune.  But when you go through the list below, fortune teller signyou’d be surprised, too that you have heard about most of them.   Let’s take a look at these methods and read briefly about each one.  It does not hurt to have some idea about what your psychic or your fortune teller is doing while you are in a reading with them.


Whether we know it or not, we all use omens.   Often, things that used to be deeply significant omens remain with us as superstitions. Black cats (or white ones depending on your culture) crossing your path as a sign of bad luck, feathers where they shouldn’t be as a message from your angels. There is also the one about black cockatoos signifying either days of rain or days till rain. Omens will often be most significant to you based on culture. Another would be one from a tribe of the aborigines where when a willy wag its tails at you is the same as someone pointing a bone at you which is equivalent to an ill omen.  


This is a method not to mess around with. Runes are serious business. These are one of the few methods of fortune telling you don’t muck around with if you do not know your way around it. I do think they cross the line from simple fortune telling into outright divination. The difference being that you do tap into something outside yourself when you use runes.  It’s best to take your study of runes very seriously. Make sure when you use them you do so with the clearest of intentions and make sure you’ve learned how to protect yourself with psychic shields. That said, they are incredibly accurate. They will tell you about some of the hardest lessons you have to learn. You must be prepared to grow as a person when you use Runes. Runes simply won’t accept less than the very best of yourself.


This method involves closing your eyes and randomly making eight sets of lines with dashes. What you end up with, when done correctly is two of the geomantic figures with cool names like Cauda draconis and Albus. Geomancy is a very deep and very ancient study that is well worth the time. The first method mentioned here is probably the simplest for easy fortune telling, but for deeper readings there are many ways to generate the figures with this method.

I Ching or Book of Changes

iching2This is a method that points to ancient Chinese who have spent their whole lives studying the I Ching and who still find mysteries within mysteries. The Book of Changes answers questions by being so convoluted that you spend so much time trying to figure out how the answer applies to the question you’ve asked that you end up answering it yourself just to make it all fit. Of all the fortune telling methods it probably has the longest unbroken history going back some 5000 years. And make no mistake it has worked for all that time. It might be safe to say that the I Ching is not something you just dabble in. It’s a life long study. It deserves it’s place as one of the best methods of fortune telling on any list.


The fine art of dream interpretation. Dreams can and are many things all at once. They can be predictive but they are also our brains processing information, or trying out different scenarios to see how we will react, or simply noise from the day that won’t shut off even in your sleep. The trouble is telling which is what. Dream journals are invaluable but who has time to keep one? You have to write them as soon as you wake up or they just don’t stick around long enough. It is not unheard of that some people will record their dreams by speaking into a voice recorder, before the memory of it can fade away.  There are some universal symbols like a building being yourself and a car or journey representing your life, but nothing about dream interpretation is set in stone. You’ll dream far more often than usual about driving if you are a race car driver or simply drive for a living than if you are a stay at home person.


This is the method that seems to scare most people, according to experienced psychis. Maybe it’s the strange trance like state you have to be in to see anything, maybe it’s just the nature of seeing things in flame or water or clouds or whichever you choose as your scrying medium. When people think gypsy fortune tellers looking into a crystal ball they are thinking about scrying. It’s hard to do because Scrying works by opening up your mind so make sure you’ve learnt how to ground and protect yourself before you try it. Alas, there’s no other way to learn than by just doing it – practice, invoke your inner spirit and energy.   There’s no books, or list of interpretations. It’s just you and your ability to trust yourself. In some ways it’s the scariest of fortune telling methods because the catch is that you have to have people to practice on but you can’t practice till you have some idea of what you are doing.  It is suggested that beginner can start with flames. A night camping sets the right mood and the camp fire is the best place to start.


palm readerThis is probably one of the most popular methods.  Even the biggest sceptic will often thrust their hand at you with a challenge “Go on then, read mine,” It works. Always read a person’s dominant hand – that’s the one they write with. Their non dominant hand is ‘what they were born with’ and their dominant one is ‘what they’ve made of what they were born with’. Contrary to popular belief, palms do change. Try photocopying your hand once a year to see how much you’ve changed. Which lines have gotten stronger and which have started to fade. Read lots of different books on the subject because not one palmist has all the answers.   It is not a method that tells when someone going to die when people ask you.


Everyone knows their star sign even if they know nothing else about anything remotely new age or paranormal or occult. Some of us aren’t 100% sure because of being born on a cusp. No you can’t be half Gemini half Taurus if you were born on a cusp because the Sun was either in one sign or the other. You’d need to check an ephemeris to be sure. What most people don’t realise is that our sun sign is just a small fraction of what we are. It might be the way that other people see you but the reality is that we all have every planet in our charts at some point. It’s the combination of those that make us who we are. Other people often see us as our sun sign but our moon sign is the next most powerful thing closely followed by our ascendant (what sign was rising over the horizon when we were born). Those of us that don’t think we fit the typical image of our sun sign often have very different moon sign and ascendants. I’ll admit that I have only scraped the surface of studying astrology. I got to the bit where there was a lot of maths and sort of shelved it for a later that hasn’t come yet. Suffice it to say, there was a good reason why the ancients considered their astrologers the scientists of their day.


Cartomancy is reading fortunes with a deck of cards. Like palmistry, this is also a method popular to clients.  That’s any sort of cards, be they tarot or oracle or playing cards. It is recommended because there is a loose framework of rules plenty of wiggle room within that framework.  Tarot cards come highly recommended, too, because of the art work.  It is easy to bounce off that art and let your senses soar with what the art tells you. Tarot is the most famous of course, but other decks exist. Quite a lot of psychics go very well with Doreen Virtues decks. Some experts think that’s because her decks are so soft and lovely that it makes it easier for the querent to be receptive to what the psychic is saying.


This method uses Tea Leaves or Coffee Grounds.  Experts say that this is a method that works best when passed Tasseographydown through family generations. It would be hard to write a book about what those wet sploges actually mean because what looks like a baseball bat to you might be a club to someone else. It’s highly interpretative. But like most fortune telling methods the only way to get good at it is to practice, write it down and keep on practicing.  Some experts in the field would say it is one of the most fun methods because of course it involves sitting down for a lovely cup of tea or nice coffee. It is also suggested that this method works more for the highly psychic who just need to be looking at something in order to access that ability.

If you are already starting out, there would definitely be methods you will you are most comfortable with and your energy is most receptive to.  This isn’t exactly a fad so there is no need to jump from one method to another because it is the most ‘popular one’.  Find where you ability works best with.  Good luck!