Manifesting Extra Money into Your Life

Manifesting Extra Money into Your Life

When you want to manifest things into your life, such as money, then you need to do something to get the money to you. Maybe you do things every month such as write checks to yourself for payments out to buy something. So, why not write a check to yourself this time?

What You Need:

  • Candle
  • Sandalwood incense
  • A blank Check

To Prepare:

The first day of the month when you pay your bills, write yourself a check from the universe.


Sit at your desk and write out your bills. Light the sandalwood incense and light the candle (preferably green). Take out a check and make one to yourself.

Believe that your money is coming to you and in the box of the amount, write out the amount hta you need to come to you this month. Or you can write the infinity symbol on it.

When you sign it, sign it as “Law of Abundance” and write in the “for” line your own name.

Put the check in a place where you do not lose it and then you can see this come to you each month.


Here is an overview of how to manifest money to yourself each month:

  • When you are in need of money, get a blank check.
  • Light a green candle because the color green is the color of money manifestation.
  • Light the sandalwood because this scent is also the scent of bringing money to yourself.
  • Take out the checks and when you are writing a check to your bills, take a blank check out for yourself.
  • Write your name in the “for” blank.
  • Make the check out for the amount of money that you need this month such as $400 or $1000.
  • In the signature line, put the words, “Law of Abundance.”
  • Put the check in a safe place.
  • Thank the universe for bringing money to you.


You can get as much money as you need manifested to yourself but remember that you have to have an open mind and to be positive when you want this to happen for you.