Learn More About the Types of Fortune-Telling


ftelling 2Individuals have dependably longed to comprehend what the future has in store for them, and through fortune-telling techniques that consolidate clairvoyance, spirits or divine occasions, a few expectations have happened, while other have not. A percentage of the more well known strategies for telling fortunes incorporate tarot card readings, runes, palm perusing, tea leaves and horoscopes; a trustworthy soothsayer can give you understanding and help you manage life’s issues, paying little attention to the technique utilized.

Tarot Cards and Runes     

  • Tarot card readings can answer simple or complicated questions. Answers come from an interpretation of the visual images on the tarot cards; however, to interpret the images, you must know their basic meanings. Each deck has 78 cards, divided between major and minor cards. Normally, two people are involved in a reading; one who asks the question, and the other who lays out the cards and interprets the reading. Cartomancy, which is fortune-telling through the use of regular playing cards, works on the same principle. Each one of the 52 cards, suits, pips and even the joker has meaning in a spread. Similarly, runes rely on a spread, which reveals a future outcome. Wood, clay or stone rune tiles are marked with an alphabetic script called “futhark.” Each of the 24 tiles has its own symbol and meaning, and each spread has a different insight.

ftelling 3Planets, Stars and Numbers

  • Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of planets in correlation with behavior on earth. Through the study of astrology, it is thought that you can foretell earthly events, as well as human personality traits based on celestial events that affect the sun, moon and planets. Your horoscope derives from an astrological chart that is created from date, time and place of birth. An astrologer studies your chart to determine patterns and factors that make up your personality and uncover information about your future. In a similar manner, numerology uses your date of birth and name to calculate the numbers, which influence your life. Each letter in your name coincides with a number. By adding all of the numbers, and reducing them to a single digit, you can confirm your personality, talents and discover your life path.

The Palm and Tea Leaves


  • ftelling 1Palmistry involves studying lines, such as the life, heart and headline on the hand, to reveal personality and character traits. Generally, the lines on your non-dominant hand reveal character traits and destiny, while your dominant hand, the one you write with, reveals the road you have traveled. Tasseography, or the art of reading tea leaves or coffee grounds, is a form of fortune-telling that is usually passed down between generations and throughout various cultures. Steeped tea leaves or coffee grounds that remain in the cup once the beverage is consumed are studied by a seer for shapes and symbols that represent future events.

Communicating With Spirits

  • The Ouija board, once touted as a harmless game, is now thought to be a powerful divination tool that can unleash negative spirits. Two people place their fingers lightly on a pointer that resembles an inverted heart. When a question is asked, the pointer supposedly moves involuntarily by spirits that answer by spelling out messages or by moving over the “yes” or “no” letters on the board. Similar to Ouija boards, automatic writing is a tool used to communicate with spirits. The process involves a writing tool and paper. Once a question is asked, the hand moves involuntarily, writing information through telepathy or when a spirit or spirit guide is channeled.