Knowing a Karmic Catalyst

Karmic Catalyst

A person that allows you to have a karmic soul experience and teachers you a lesson is called a karmic catalyst. This is a person that helps you to go through your enlightenment.

A karmic catalyst can come into your life at any time and they can help you with your journey. This can be your twin flame or some other type of connection that can help you to make your life better.

We all understand soulmates, but a soulmate can come or go and there can be many of these along your journey. While everyone has a soulmate or many, the karmic catalyst is different than the soulmate connection because they have a high-quality connection with you and not just a relationship.

Catalyst Soulmate

When you meet your catalyst soulmate, you will feel that you have so much in common and right when you meet them, it will be like you have known them forever. You will make plans with them and make sure that you are able to get together so that you can get knowledge and strength from them.

You may feel that you are even obsessed with this person. This can be a time where you have a Runner and Chaser situation, and these can come in any kind of soulmate situation. This can be hard, and the connection might end or feel obsessive for a while, and this is a sign of the catalyst soulmate.

Symptoms of a Catalyst Soulmate

Here are some symptoms of the catalyst soulmate:

  • You go through the runner/chaser cycle. This is where the runner will leave, and you will want to have them back so you will chase them. This uses energy and can be a long chase but will end in the union. You will always wait but things will get better.
  • This can be a time of awakening and your soulmate will help you to get there faster. They will help to assist you and to show you things that you might have missed along the way.
  • Signs will come to you and you will be shocked at the messages that the universe gives you. During your awakening, things around you will start to add up and line up and you will need to pay attention to what you are seeing. Make sure you keep traveling on the road and let things get right for you.
  • This will be a time where you will have a strong connection and you will be connected with this person forever. This will be a connection in your crown chakra, and you will possibly experience the Kundalini Awakening. You will learn lessons along the way and exchange energy with them.
  • You will be able to know that this person is important and will have an impact in your life. They will connect with you and your life will move forward. Evolution is essential.
  • There will be doubts about your soulmate relationship, but you will see that this is because they are part of your soul and they are meant to be in your life.
  • Your twin flame relationship will be awakened, and you will know if you have found a real twin flame or if this is just an idea. You will know that you fit together, and you are meant to be together.
  • There will be at time where you will feel absent from them and you will have pain and fear because of it. This will be a connection that you want to be positive, but it will have a void where you feel sad and obsessed.

Catalyst Soulmate Definition

A catalyst soulmate is someone that will help you to go through your enlightenment. It will be an intense relationship and they will connect with you and be positive in your life. This connection can also have pain and stress, but it will be a time where you will embrace it and learn from it.

Karmic Soulmate

A karmic soulmate is someone that will be a friend, family member or lover and they will come because of your past karma. They will be there to teach you lessons and it will be both positive and negative feelings. You will have these karmic connections because they will teach you to become your better self.

Karmic Catalyst Soulmate

A karmic catalyst soulmate will be there to connect with you for your soul awakening and to teach you importance of having strong connections.


Karmic catalysts can be both good times and bad times. They can be so strong that it can leave a mark on your soul and it can cause you hurt or happiness. They are meant so that you can reach your destiny.

The ones that are painful can cause your soul to be stronger and to learn a lesson that you have to learn in order to become your better self.

When you find out that you are in this kind of connection, you need to know that you have to learn your lessons and let your destiny be fulfilled. Do not try to get rid of these connections because they are there to help you to learn and make better decisions. You cannot complete your awakening without them.

Some karmic catalysts will be fun and peaceful, going through your enlightenment can be hard and this can lead to painful relationships. This helps you to open up your soul and to learn to accept things in your life. You will see that the pain that you feel will be for the best and you will be able to trust yourself and move on to your better being.