Is Witchcraft More than Casting Spells?

Casting Spells

When someone thinks of a witch, they usually first think of spells. Doing spell work is one thing that take a lot of time for a witch. Rituals can be found all over the world and in any resources. People who do witchcraft often do this because they want to make changes in lives. Doing spells is one way that you can change life by doing magic. But, as important as spells are, there is more to magic than just doing spells.

Sometime people have a hard time feeling motivated to doing their magic. This can happen because they are not just casting spells but there is so much more to magic than spells. When you are a witch, you have to know that there is more to doing witchcraft than casting spells and this can help to open up the mind of those that want to get into the practice.

You should not feel bad about not doing spells because you will see as you read on that there are more things involved than just doing spells.

Doing More than Spell Work

If you would ask almost anyone what witchcraft is, most people would say magic spells. This shows that people today are often filled with the idea that most magic is based on spells. When people think about witchcraft, they automatically go to spells but that is just the beginning of it. Some witches don’t even think about practicing things other than doing spells in their magic.

One thing about a witch is that they need to be educated. They need to know that witchcraft is not just spells and it is all part of learning and growing. How are you supposed to practice magic when you don’t know what witchcraft is? Witchcraft is something that is part of life, and it is more than spell work. This is the ability to know things between your life and the spirit world. There are so many practices that we all try that we might not even realize that they are all part of crafting.

When someone looks at witchcraft, they often just stay in one branch, and they believe that they are well-rounded witches. They use some tools here or there or they use different ideas, but they don’t relate them together. This can make them feel that they don’t know anything about magic, and it can leave them feeling that they are not doing their best to practice their gifting. If you don’t pick up a tarot card for a week, then you think that this means that all of your tools are leaving you and you are forgetting how to use them. You don’t have to use each of your tools each day in order to not lose your practice.

People have expectations that they will never reach, and this is often how witches are. They think that they have to have spells each day and use their magic all the time in order to not lose it. They use tools when they want to know something, or they will do shadow work only when they are having an emotional issue, but they don’t take time to explore things. All of the tools that witches use have a different purpose and when you connect with these tools, you have them, but you don’t always need them.

No one that does construction will look at their tools and will think that they are bad at fixing things because they didn’t use their screwdriver for a week. All tools have a place and a time in magic, and they are not used all the time for all witches.

When you don’t look at the parts of your magic that are connected with who you are, you miss out on looking at the tools as important. Each tool is important, but you have to learn to connect it with what is going on in your crafting. Each tool can be used together and is available to you to make your practice functional but once again, they are not necessary all the time.

Calling it Witchcraft

You may not know that it makes a difference if you call this magic witchcraft or not, but the problem is that many witches will lose who they are. They will start to do magic and will feel connected but then later they will lose this connection. They will stop calling themselves a witch or saying that they are doing magic because they don’t feel like they practice enough. Even if you don’t do spells all the time, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a witch. You can be a witch without doing magic each day.

If you are judging yourself on what kind of witch that you are, chances are that you will become frustrated and you might not even want to do it anymore. You need to look at resources on witchcraft and find something that make you excited. When you feel like you aren’t doing enough in your magic, look at your life and see why you are having these thoughts.

When you have a negative thought pattern on witchcraft, it will only bring you guilt and sadness with your magic. It will cause you to talk negatively to yourself and will cause you not to be compassionate with who you are. Witch crafting will begin to feel bad, and you will not want to do it anymore.

If you are always talking about how bad of a witch you are, you will never experience the connection to your magic. You will feel bad every time you do witchcraft because you will think that you are never doing it good enough. You have to learn to feel better and to not make yourself feel bad.

When you look at your magic, you can classify it and it can help you to know that your magic counts as something. When you feel like you aren’t doing enough but you are practicing your witchcraft, you will see that you are doing better than you realized. This will change how you define yourself and it will stop you from being negative and feeling like you are a bad witch. This is a cycle that you have to get over and you have to set expectations that you can actually reach.

Instead of being someone that talks about what you haven’t done, talk about what you have done. Look at the smaller things that you have done recently and allow your practice to come back to you. Feel good about who you are and what you have done and do not feel like your magic is not important. When you feel good about what you are doing, you will see that you can be interested in practicing your witchcraft with strong motivation and excitement.

The secret to being a good witch is that you are doing something that you love. You are taking your magic and not making it something that makes you feel guilty, but you are doing something that makes you feel good about your life. You are someone that will feel good and enjoy what you are doing. This should be the biggest part of your magic, the part that shows why you started it and why you love it so much.

Non-Spell work Magic

There are many kinds of magic that you can look at that are not considered spell work. There are things that do not use spells to make them work. These are things that you can use when you do your own magic, and you can include them in your spiritual or even religious practices.

For example, you can take a hobby like knitting and you can use it for magic. You can do this by connecting with the planet Venus and using color magic to make it come real to you. There are other things that you can create and do such as art, writing, meditation and more that can help you to add to your practice. Be creative when you do your magic and see how it changes your thoughts and your life.


Most witches will do divination works such as working with oracle or tarot cards. Most witches do not see this as a separate part to witchcraft and when they don’t think that they are working on their magic, if they are asked about using tarot cards or other tools, most of them will say that they have recently used them. Just because they don’t think this as a form of magic doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Doing spell work every day might make you think that you are being more witchy, but the truth is that spells are in one kind of magic category and tarot cards are in another, but they are all real magic no matter how you turn it.

Divination is a kind of magic and when you realize this, you will see that it isn’t just spells that keep you doing your witch work but all the things that you do in your life that are making a difference. Divination is a big tool in witchcraft.

Spirit Workings

Another thing that is considered magic is spirit work. This is not any less than doing spells and one of the problems is that people don’t often consider spirit work witchcraft. The problem is that people that are sensitive to spirits will not have to use different tools to communicate with spirits because they can just talk to them. Even though talking to a spirit might not seem like magic, it very much is. Spirit encounters are not the norm in life and when you are doing this, this is something that is part of your magic.

When you work with a spirit, you are doing witchcraft and this is rather you are working with a spirit, a deity, ancestors, animals or more.

Working in the Garden

Even though it might not seem like it at all, working in the garden can be part of your magic. When you are able to connect with nature and you are able to understand plants and things around you, this is part of your magic and being a witch. This also works if you are connected to certain trees, the grass, if you love going into the water or going hiking so that you can be in nature, all of this has to do with magic.

When you are taking time to work with nature and to be part of mother earth, you are engaging in a magical situation. This is part of your witchcraft that is helping you to learn and helping you to form a bond with nature and with other spirits. When you have to use a tree or the ocean to help you do a spell, you will have spent much of your time already communicating with these things and it can help you because you have this relationship, and it can make your magic work better.

Shadow Work

Witches often talk about shadow work, but they never say that they are doing magic when they do this. The truth is that shadow work takes time and it take energy. Part of your shadow work should include journaling your feelings and when you do this, you will be doing magical work.

Shadow work is not just figuring out your emotions so that you can feel better, it is also an important tool in magic that helps you to deal with your subconscious thoughts and find out what is stopping your magic from working effectively. When you have resistance from your inner being, this can cause your spells to never work or to even backfire on you.

One area of magic such as money magic is one of the kinds of magic that people often resist in their subconscious thinking because they don’t believe that they deserve money, or they are secretly greedy with what they have. Sometimes bad people want to do money magic to use their money for evil and this is all going to fail for them because they are not connected to the right things. Even some people that do not do shadow work and they do money magic spells will often get money and turn into bad people because they didn’t do the magic of shadow work first.

Using shadow work to work on yourself before doing any kind of spells is magic rather it looks like it or not. Remember that when there is less resistance the spell can work better, and you will spend less time fighting to make a spell work.

Meditation and Energy

Another magic that is often ignored or not considered magic is meditation and energy work. This is often not considered magic because it is also a kind of grounding or understanding. This is a spiritual discipline, but it is something that can help you to improve in your magic.

If you are meditating and grounding yourself, you are doing this to improve your energy and to set intentions and this can open up your psychic giftings and help you to increase your magic and to be able to use magic to make things better and this is all part of being a witch.

If you use energy work to feel better in your daily life, then you need to use this as witchcraft and make sure that you are using your energy work to charge crystals and to get energy to do more spells. You can even use this to cleanse or cast circles.

Even though some things that you do seem unimportant, and they don’t seem like they could possibly be tied to magic, this is not true. Even the average person is using magic and might not even be aware of it. Look at your life and see what your day-to-day activities look like. Find out if you are doing magic and you are not aware of it. See the things that you are doing each day that are part of your magical growth and you will see that you are doing more magic than you even dreamed about.