Is It the Moment To Request For A Higher Pay?

Is It the Moment To Request For A Higher Pay?

Requesting a higher pay can be hard

Is It the Moment To Request For A Higher Pay?Navigating high pays can be hard whether you are a relatively experienced negotiator because your case needs to be strong and you should allocate ideal time to broach the topic. For you to get the pay bump that you deserve, take a look at the following best times to ask for higher pay and follow advice.

Best Times to Ask for a Higher Pay

Finding the best time to talk with your boss is important before you start the negotiating process. Your request is likely to be ignored or denied if you ask at the wrong time. Therefore you can bring up the topic during the following times.

Your Review Is Coming Up

Asking for higher pay during or after an annual review tends to be late. The best time to bring up the topic is when your review is still a few months away. You can, therefore, sit down for your performance review since your request during that time will prompt your boss to take action.

You’ve taken on New Responsibilities

More responsibilities frequently mean higher pay, regardless of whether you’ve taken it upon yourself to add more responsibilities to the ones that you initially had or a colleague left you to handle major projects after departing. Once you’ve nailed down the new tasks and proven that you can handle them to increase your chances of getting a bigger paycheck, request for higher pay.

You’re considering another Offer

Is It the Moment To Request For A Higher Pay?Receiving a tempting offer is a great excuse to ask your current employer for higher pay that is if you’re actively looking for another job or another is trying to win you over. Take advantage of that offer as it evidently shows what you’re worth and what your knowledge and expertise can cause you.

Tips for Getting the Raise You Deserve

Positive results are not guaranteed by waiting for the right time to request a raise. If you do not have good negotiating skills then take these tips into consideration to get that higher pay you need and deserve.

Share Your Wins

You can inform your boss about your wins each time you’ve exceeded objectives or expectations, you shouldn’t keep your accomplishments to yourself at work though you might not like showing off. If you’re not used to blowing your own trumpet then it’s time you have a talk with a phone psychic.

Be clear about Your Goals

Tell your boss directly that you have great aspirations because she cannot know unless you inform her. In any case, your office doesn’t have a process to be followed, it’s time to sit down with her and talk about your career.

Know Your Worth

If you’re asking for a far more raise than you’re worth then it’s not a guarantee that you can get it. You can, however, make a convincing case if you can prove your value by reflecting on major deals you landed or the sizeable profits you generated.

Requesting a higher pay can be hard but you can make it happen if you ask at the right time and use an effective strategy. Don’t hold yourself but be free to get a psychic reading on how you can make your case a success.