How to Heal After Separating from Your Twin Flame

How to Heal After Separating from Your Twin Flame

When you twin flame leaves, the pain you experience will be incredibly intense.  You will struggle to leave your bed and your promise of your unfulfilled dreams will be soul crushing.  As you begin to process this loss you will initial survive by detaching from the world around you.  The numbness may feel like a paradoxical healing balm.  However, with time, grace and patience you can begin to learn to live again.

Grief is a cruel teacher.  Despite the pain you are feeling, this separation will impart valuable lessons for you.  Be brave and become willing to shift your perspective to improve your chances to be receptive to this new chapter of your life.  Yes, your twin flame is gone, but you are whole just by being your authentic self!

Although it might not feel like it now, you are strong, powerful and deserving to be present in your life.  If you find it hard to accept these words, reread them again out loud and work to open your heart chakra a bit more.  Grief can create barriers of self-protection that prevent us from remembering these universal truths.  Be patient, gentle and nonjudgmental with yourself.  With time you will heal and love life again.

  1. Understand what caused the separation

To find peace you must understand why this event occurred.  If the break was intentional, investigate the underlying issues that caused you both tension.  Any insights you gain will provide you critical lessons about yourself, your values and desires that will aid in your spiritual maturity.

  1. Realize in the end you will be stronger!

Yes, you are sad and distraught now, but this ending is forcing you to look at yourself and your life in a whole new light.  By recognizing, understanding and working on the problems you will cultivate a renewed sense of resilience, fortitude and bravery.

  1. Use self-expression to help you grieve and resurrect

Typically, people feel inclined to hide or stifle intense emotions.  Instead, be brave and lean into them and watch how you blossom.  Give your time and space to grieve.  Let your catharsis evolve into healing through the use of self-expression like journaling, painting, writing, dancing or singing.  Let the physical movement provide you mental and spiritual steps forward.

  1. The pain won’t define you!

After a split it’s common for one to find themselves playing the victim card.  Sadness can feel like a warm snuggly blanket helping to protect us from further heartache.  Give yourself time to grieve, but then accept that pain is weakness leaving the body.  After the wave of hurt rolls by you will see that your character transcends the pain.  Be brave to acknowledge the pain when it arises and seek to learn what insights it seeks to provide.  These insights will help shine light onto the areas within you that need further healing.  The pain lays bare the true essence of you.  All pretenses and illusions are eradicated and you are now able to clearly see lingering wounds, insecurities, maladaptive beliefs and unhealthy attachments.

Pain is a battle scar that shows you have the profound capacity to love and love without fear.  Through grieving you will become reconnected to your gifts, talents, beauty and powerful desires.  When you can fully accept your pain and the split, you will glean the deepest truth that you have limitless potential.  Now that you are emerging through the grief you can reclaim your story and attain your goals.

  1. Only we are responsible for our happiness

The bond we share with a twin flame helps us reach new levels of spiritual growth.  However, it is up to us to decide what is best for our personal well-being.  People are able to be whole and satisfied without the intersection of their twin flame.

  1. Incorporation

Humans possess the gift of freewill.  We are able to take our daily experiences and chose what we wish to cultivate and what we chose to ignore.  While you are processing the loss of your twin flame, you must surrender to this moment and find peace that even this situation is meant to teach you something profound.  Only then will the suffering cease.  Trust your intuition and honor your spirit.  The act of surrender can take time and might require the release of multiple layers of your emotions and beliefs.  This is healthy, what is important it release at your own pace, anything that no longer brings light into your life.

Wrap Up

When you learn to unconditionally the totality of you, the good, the quirky and the shadow aspects, you will finally begin to heal.  Often heartbreak arises because of our own insecurities and fears.  We crave the acceptance and understanding that only we are able to gift ourselves.

Be open to the mysterious of life.  The future is an unpredictable and wild ride.  You never know who or what will appear around the bend.  Strap in and embrace the journey.