How to Get Rid of Bad Energy in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Bad Energy in Your Home

Everyone gets down in their feelings here and there but if you feel that every time you walk into your home that you feel sad or depressed, chances are that you need to cleanse the energy of your home. Here are some ways to boost the energy in your home and feel better.

Air it Out

Take time to open up all the windows and let them stay open for at least half an hour. Do this even if its cold outside. Fresh air can get rid of negative energy in your home. While your home is airing out, shake your blankets and pillows out.


Burn incense while you are in your home. Find something like nag champa to clean your home and it can make your area calm and happy. This can boost your energy and is great when you are meditating.

Get Rid of Things Broken

If you have things sitting around that are broken, throw them away. Broken things can cause negative energy to add up. Get rid of these things out of your home and feel better.

Essential Oils

Use some essential oils such as lemon or orange. This can make you think of things such as summertime and can make you feel happier.


Take time to declutter your room and your closet. This can help you to move forward and to have joy in your mind, body, and soul.


Use some sage and smudge your home. Doing this can get rid of any negative energy. Do this in a clockwise manner and it can fill all areas of your home.


You can use crystals to suck up the negative energy. This can get rid of negative feelings and replace them with positive feelings. Put crystals by your electronics.


Put a bell in your room and ring it when you go through the door. This is sound healing and can heal your energies.

Yellow Paint

Take time to change your paint and paint something in your home yellow. This color will make your rooms look bigger and will give you peace and joy.


Put salt in the corners of your room. Let the salt sit for 2 days and then vacuum or sweep it up.

Clean Things

Take time to clean all of the surfaces and to get rid of things that don’t belong in certain spaces. Put things away so that you can get rid of any negative energies.

Sharp Corners

Get rid of sharp corners as much as you can in your home. Get things that are circular such as vases and jars and get rid of tables with corners and boxes.


You can add positive energy by adding mirrors to your home. This will help to open up the room and cleanse your area from negativity.

Neutral Colors

Use neutral colors if you want your area to be more inviting and less negative. Dark colors make things look smaller and bright colors make things look bigger.

Entrance Way

Make sure that you have your entrance way full of good energy. Make sure that you add lemon juice to make it smell good and use vinegar or salt to make sure your area is clean of negative energy. Put a doormat in the front of your door so negative energy cannot come in.