How to Attract Money

How to Attract Money

How to Attract MoneyHow can you get money to come to you in abundance?  Attracting money can be easy and you might have to go against what you have been taught, but you can call on money.

Sometimes though, there are false beliefs about money such as:

  • Money never runs out.
  • You have to struggle to get money.
  • Struggling hard can attract money but it can make you unlucky in life.
  • Every person needs to worry about themselves and not others.

Issues of Money

Having money is not really what the issue is.  How to use money and what to use money for is what the issue is.  There are people who go into major debt because they buy things using credit cards.  Credit cards can make you feel like you are not really spending money because you are only signing slips of paper.

You will get the truth later when you get a monthly statement but for some, it is impossible to stay out of debt.  Some people do not have a high income and they have to go into debt to not starve and so they end up having to pay a lot of bills.

There is a better way to live than to be in debt.  When you believe that your heart, soul and mind can bring you money, then you can go far.  Having a gift form the psychic world is important and you need to open it up to bring money into your life.  You can attract money in abundance.


Notice it says you can attract prosperity because this is different than attracting money.  The problem is that when you attract money, can you handle it properly?  The answer is probably no because there are too many things that cause people to lose control.

There are always going to be temptations to spend money and if you have money then this can be a problem for you.  Even if you save money, there will always be the desire to spend.  If you see a bag you want or a jacket, then you will want to buy one.  Food is costly and there can be food that you want to try, so you will spend.

Life will take you on a spending binge and once you get through it, you go back to it over and over again.  You need to avoid the idea of attracting money and you need to put your energy into attracting prosperity.


Prosperity is more than just having money.  Prosperity is being able to get blessings from the universe.  This means being secure and having knowledge and not getting stuck in debt.  You can learn to solve money problems and you need to know that you can get out of debt with your mind by getting blessings from the universe.