How the Universe Gives You Messages

Universe Gives You Messages

We are people that are part of a bigger reality. We are not cut off and we are always connected through who we are. The way that we connect with the universe can be helpful and the universe can give us messages to make our lives better.

There will be things that you will see in your lifetime that are messages that the universe has given you. Chances are that you do not realize these messages but if you open up your conscious mind, you will see that the universe wants to tell you something.

Repeating Situations

Have you ever had the same thing happen over and over to you? Maybe all day you tripped on things or spilled things. These things could be the universe trying to tell you to slow down, or something even deeper.


When you sleep, your unconscious mind is deep into sleep but at the same time, it is also getting messages from the universe.

If you are someone that dreams a lot, listen to your dreams and tune into the meaning of them. There is a chance the universe is trying to tell you something.

Strange or Repetitive Animals

Animals can be part of your spirit world and they can deliver you messages. If you see an animal all the time like see a bunch of cats, this could be something the universe is trying to tell you. Maybe you might even see an animal that is unusual.

When you see numbers that repeat such as 11:11 or other numbers, it can be signs from the universe.

Synchronicity Events

Having events happen to you over and can be surprising but if you keep bumping into the same person or you get a call from them before seeing them, this can be the universe trying to show you and confirm to you that you are going in the right direction.

Losing Things

It is important that you learn to pay attention to things that happen to you, even that are bad. If you continuously are losing things, the universe will sometimes show you this so that it can help you to find it again.

Other times, the universe allows this to happen so that you can move on from your past.

Words or Sayings

Another thing that happens sometimes is that you will hear words or saying repeat. This can mean that the universe is trying to give you a specific message and it is using things around you to get your attention.

Sickness or Pain

Pain is not something that always happens to get attention but if you have uncommon sickness or illnesses in your life, this can be a sign to you.

Figure out what kind of pain you are having and find out if there is some kind of meaning that you aren’t listening to or paying attention to.


Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you don’t even remember the last time you have heard it? This can be the universe trying to give you a message.


The weather can give you an important message and if things seem to be changing around you, this can be a big sign for you.

Its not always just the weather but pay attention to the signs and things around you that you see in nature.

If you want there to be a certain weather like you are missing snow, this can mean that you need to cleanse your life and to move forward from some kind of event.


Do you ever run into someone that you are surprised you saw? If so, this can be a meaning for you. Maybe you are thinking about changing jobs and then you run into someone in the career choice you want to do.

This can happen to you so that you know that the universe agrees with your choice.


Your emotions can say a lot about you and if you are feeling fear or worry, this could be something the universe is trying to show you.

New Words or Phrases

If you are out and you are trying to understand what people are saying because the words or phrases are something you have not heard before, this can mean that the universe is trying to give you a sign that you need to pay attention to.

Smelling Things

Some people are able to smell things that are related to certain events or past things in their life. If this is happening to you, this can leave you with an image that stays for a while.

When you have strange smells, the universe wants you to listen and pay attention.


Your intuition is part of your conscious mind and it helps you to tune into what the universe is trying to tell you. Pay attention to what you are hearing and keep an open mind.

Your giftings allow you to have gut feelings so that you can make good decisions. Pay attention to what your soul is trying to tell you.