High Vibration Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

Blue KyaniteThe most widespread color of Kyanite is the blue version. This is also the most often seen, though others are covered in this article. Kyanite is known for bringing the chakras, all of them into alignment. Though the crystal’s energy does not need thought direction, if you do direct your thoughts correctly then all the chakras can be opened.

Kyanite Properties

Kyanite comes in many colors and while each has some specific properties and abilities, all share some traits. These include:

  • Powerful healing of the body
  • Aiding in the development of both psychic and spiritual gifts
  • No need of cleansing as negative vibrations will not collect
  • Easily aligns chakras

Kyanite is a high vibration crystal that can be highly useful in meditation in many helpful ways. These crystals calm the mind for a deep, restful state of relaxation that is required for a relaxing meditative experience. Every color of the stone is powerfully healing, but certain colors are associated with particular chakras. The name Kyanite means blue in the Greek language, but multiple colors can be found.

Blue is most commonly discovered in many countries of the world. The crystalline structure is unique and often grows in odd, twisted shapes with fascinating variations of the stone. The blues range from pale to dark, including a beautiful teal that is less common.

Apart from blue, Kyanite comes in green, black, indigo, orange, and sometimes, yellow, pink, grey, and white. The most common blue is often found intergrown with green fuchsite or red ruby minerals to create a beautiful and highly impacting stone.

Why Use Kyanite?

Working within the third eye chakra, this is a high vibration stone that contains strong energy levels that are wonderful for healing, especially the throat. Opening the throat chakra will increase communication and self-expression, but may also help with dream recall.

Indigo Kyanite

Indigo Kyanite has multiple uses as well, including a strong third eye energy that helps spiritual energy flow and opens you up to spiritual honesty. The perfect choice for contacting guardian spirits while aligning chakras, Kyanite can offer assistance. One piece is all it takes to help you align and speak your personal truth.

Kyanite aligns well with the heart chakra as well. Place it on your body or hold it in the center as you relax to begin feeling the energy move through the chakras as they align and clear out the negative. Leave the stone as long as you need to feel the chakras are aligned.

Healing Properties

When used in meditation, with the potential to open the third eye, Kyanite promotes clairvoyant gifts and psychic abilities because the energy is balanced and gentle. This takes you to a higher spiritual realm as the blue kyanite is strong and works together with other various high vibration stones. This is an ideal choice for developing intuition.

Another known use is for overall healing when a broken bone has occurred or if you have had surgery that may have created energy gaps. Blue Kyanite will bridge the gap as you meditate and replenish your energy due to the clearing and gap fill. The healing powers are so strong that any chakra can be healed and all can be aligned.

When using meditation the brain waves should move from beta to alpha and slow down. If you are struggling to quiet your mind, try isochronic tones to keep focused. The use of these tones is said to work the amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex to encourage psychic abilities.

Daily meditation, even for short periods of time, can increase psychic awareness and this stone will help. The naturally occurring crystal will take you to higher spiritual planes as your chakra aligns so keep a piece in your pocket or place a piece under your pillow for lucid dreaming.

The uses continue as Kyanite offers psychic protection and provides grounding on your spiritual journey. Kyanite is inexpensive and serves a higher purpose. Both blue and black are common, even in large pieces. Other colors are also available in both raw forms and used as jewelry.


Crystalline Kyanite is often made into rings or pendants and worn to aid in psychic gift development. Wearing natural stones can keep your aura in check easily. Even Kyanite necklaces have powerful energy and can be beautiful. It has become a popular choice for jewelry as of late. The longer the stone remains in your aura, the better, because it elevates good vibrations.

Kyanite is an excellent choice for everyone.