Grounding Yourself Spiritually

Grounding Yourself Spiritually

Grounding Yourself SpirituallyWhen you are spiritually grounded, you will see that you live a happier and more excited life.  This can help you to feel better in yourself and can affect people around you positively.

Do you sometimes feel frustrated or stressed out?  Do you feel depressed or sad?  Do you always think how much better you would feel if you had a peaceful life full of calmness and relaxation?  If you are spiritually grounded, you can have this life.

What is Spiritual Grounding?

When you ground yourself spiritually, it means that you take your physical and spiritual energy and you tune it with your body.  You take a time and you shift your thoughts and your feelings.  This is especially important if you are a medium or a healer or if you have different psychic gifts.  When you practice balancing yourself, you can help get rid of problems that are following you around daily.


You can tell that you are not spiritually grounded when you have things happening to you.  Even though each individual is different, these are some things that are symptoms of not being grounded.  Some of these include shakiness, over tiredness, being lightheaded, feeling disconnected to the world, feeling like you are dazed and confused or even floating.

All of these things can happen when you are walking through your life and they can come just from picking up on energy as you walk around and go different places.

How Can Grounding Help Me?

Being spiritually grounded can help because it can help you to get rid of negative energies that are out of balance.  Sometimes there is extra energy around you, and it soaks into the Earth.  It can change the way that energy goes into your body and how it leaves your body back into the world.

You need to remember that sometimes different techniques help different people and you need to figure out what techniques help you and what experiences are unique in your life that can help you to become spiritually grounded.


Eating is one thing that can help to ground you and it is associated with energy.  Every time you eat, you have a body that is aware of what you are doing and you have a digestive system that has to help you and this can cause you to lose some of your energy that you need to calm down and connect in the world.

Sometimes, vegetables, especially root vegetables can help to ground you because they are grown under the surface of the earth and therefore, they are part of the planet.  They also are yummy to eat and can give you higher vibrations and can help with your intuition.  If you don’t have root vegetables, try other vegetables that you have with you.


Chocolate can help to give you back energy that you have lost.  This is a natural food that has been grown in pods on tress and this makes this food again, part of the earth and helps you to become one with nature.  Try to eat good quality chocolate that is raw and not full of other ingredients.


One of the fastest ways to get your energy back is to connect with nature.  You can do this just like your ancestors did.  Go outside and take off your shoes and walk through the dirt with your bare feet.  Go in the grass and let the dirt go between your toes.  Feel the world around you.


Use a high-quality salt bath to help you heal.  Do this with water so that you can ground yourself.  Use Himalayan salt or Hawaiian salt and soak in the bath for about half an hour so that you can level your emotions and your energy.


Mediation is one of the best ways to get rid of negative energy and to relax.  Sit on the ground or in a comfortable chair and relax and take time to focus on the nature around you and your life and the positive energy that you need to get.  Become balanced.

Physical Activity

Moving around can help your body to become centered and your energy as well.  Try to focus on what you are doing and try some exercises such as yoga to get your body moving and your energies becoming positive.

All of these things can help you to ground yourself spiritually.  Try which ones are best for you when you feel down or yucky in your life.