Getting Rid of Karmic Cords from Your Life

Getting Rid of Karmic Cords from Your Life

Everyone has struggled with karmic cords here and there in their life, but you need to look and see if your karmic cords are causing you to have negative behavior and causing you to be destructive.

Looking inside at the patterns in your life can show you if you have things that are happening that you need to cut out of your life.

Karmic cords are invisible cords that attach to people and things and then the energy attaches to you. This can be an emotional or a mental thing and can come from having sex with someone or the way that you vow things or make promises.

There are cords that are both good and bad and if you have bad cords you want to get rid of them.

Bad Karmic Cords

Bad karmic cords will keep your vibrations low. It will cause you to keep going through cycles of pain and hurt and relationships that are full of drama.

There will be places that you go that you know are not good for you and emotions that you are caught up in, including pain from your past.

When you have these cords, you need to cut them so that you can go forward in your life and in your relationships. When you do this, it can increase your vibrations and help you to get rid of patterns of behavior that cause you hurt and pain.

Cutting karmic cords doesn’t mean that you will break up with your partner. This is a time where you can learn to communicate with them and get rid of baggage that is holding you back. This can be hurtful to your relationships.

If you think that you have karmic cords, there are ways that you can cut these so that you can be strong and healthy in your life.

Cutting Karmic Cords

Here are ways that you can cut your karmic cords:

  • Imagine that you have a pair of scissors in the spirit world.
  • Know that you have karmic cords that are bad for you.
  • Know what you need to release.
  • Imagine that you are cutting the cord that is giving you bad situations in your life.
  • Do a simple ritual and repeat that you are cutting the cord for good.
  • Allow the healing to take place.
  • Be patient.
  • Know that your space will realign as you let time move you forward.
  • Thank your spirit guides for giving you freedom.

Once you cut your karmic cords, you can move forward in your life. You can finally find the relationships, career, and life that you want and that you deserve.