Getting Over Breakup

Getting Over Breakup

Heartbreak is something we have all experienced and this is an emotion that is strong and raw. This emotion can leave you feeling alone, sad, depressed and can cause the kind of emotional turmoil that feels like you are completely wounded.

It is important that you can figure out how to get over a breakup and the truth is when your heart is broken, sometimes you do not know how to stop crying and how to get your ex out of your mind and to move on. There is no real answer, and everyone is different but getting over heartbreak is not a matter of doing something, it is about mourning and then learning to move forward.

Sometimes the methods that you use will not seem to work and chances are you have tried different methods. Psychics can use different therapy guides to help you change your energy. Remember, everything is full of energy and people do not realize the power of the energy that people, and things have.

Sometimes, visualizing can help you to rebalance your energy and even though this does not always make sense, the truth is that it can help you to feel better and more at peace in your life. This can work well for you after a breakup.

Slam It

Energy is strong and you do not want to use all of your energy trying to fight back or get revenge. You have to work on you and when you do this, you can get rid of the energy cord that connects you.

People need to visualize the idea of closing the door in their exes faces. This is a way that you can imagine yourself doing it and then you will benefit from it.


Next, take time to write a letter to your ex and say exactly what you are feeling. Say everything that you would say and could say to them if they were right in front of you. Get all of the painful feelings and emotions out and no matter if they broke your heart or not, write the letter. After you write it, burn it and you will have gotten all the negative energy out.

Protective Crystals

Crystal therapy is a great thing when you are suffering a broken heart. Find a crystal that draws you in and then let it show you what you are feeling. If you are hurt, let the crystal pull the hurt out of you. Determine what crystals give you the most power.

After a breakup, you can use different crystals such as clear quarts and ones that have a softer vibration. This means that you can use the crystal to boost your energy levels and help you to be more positive in your life. Some great ones include rose quartz, amethyst, moonstone and others.

If you find that you keep thinking of the breakup, hold a stone such as Selenite close to you when you are sleeping, and it can help you to feel calmer and happier.


Take time to give yourself power and to rebalance who you are. Find new hobbies and go back to do things that you didn’t do when you were with them. Change around your apartment or stop hanging around places you and your ex used to hang out at.


Keep the faith and the trust that you will be able to move forward. Cut the energy cord that you had with your ex and put yourself in a place where you need to increase your strength and your hope.