Getting Money with Positive Mantras

Positive Mantras

Your thoughts are very important and powerful. When you are negative, you bring negativity into your life. When you are negative about money, it has the same affect.

Money is something that is fluid and that is ready for you to have. Just like the earth is made up of water, your mind and body are also made up of fluid. You might wonder how this affects you getting money, well here is how!

Stop Limiting Your Beliefs

When you limit your thinking and your beliefs you limit the fluid of money.

You Bring Money In

You can manifest money into your life and just like any other habit, it takes 21 days to make a habit form. You can learn to bring money in when you recite these mantras for 30 days.

Money and Beliefs

Manifesting money means that you have to believe that you can get money. You need to say these mantras at least 3 times each day.

When you say these mantras, you are balancing your chi. This is your personal space, home space, work space and more. This can bring you health and energy.

Filling Your Glass

Make sure that you clean areas that you want to get the Chi moving. You can put plants around your workplace or home to make the oxygen flow.

Put some money on the table and then put a glass of water on the corner of the money. Fill it with fresh water here and there to keep it clean.

This can be a reminder that your glass is full and that you can be positive about money. Recite the mantras at least 3 times each day. Use a new mantra each day so the universe knows you are serious.

Money Mantras for 30 Days

Here are some money mantras for 30 days:

  • Day 1: Money is always coming my way.
  • Day 2: Money attracts to me.
  • Day 3: I love getting money and getting paid.
  • Day 4: I have talents that can make me rich.
  • Day 5: I am ready to get money.
  • Day 6: I have prosperity.
  • Day 7: I can manifest naturally.
  • Day 8: I can get money now.
  • Day 9: Every time I spend money it comes back to me multiplied.
  • Day 10: I let go of my money blocks.
  • Day 11: I receive much money.
  • Day 12: I deserve abundance.
  • Day 13: I am able to make money and have opportunities.
  • Day 14: I know how to get money.
  • Day 15: Something good is about to happen for me.
  • Day 16: I am a money magnet.
  • Day 17: I am positive about money.
  • Day 18: I will have a great cash flow.
  • Day 19: I have much love and joy and good finances.
  • Day 20: I see different money sources.
  • Day 21: I get rid of things stopping me from having money.
  • Day 22: I know my worth.
  • Day 23: There’s enough money for everyone.
  • Day 24: I get money from all sources and have so much happiness.
  • Day 25: I live in financial freedom.
  • Day 26: I am confident in my money.
  • Day 27: There is enough money for all people.
  • Day 29: I honor money I have.
  • Day 30: I attract money each day.

Final Thoughts

Do this for at least 30 days and if you want to keep repeating then start over. You deserve to have the money that you need so allow the energy of the money to keep flowing through your life.