Finding the Name of Your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide

Your spirit guide will answer you no matter what you call them, and you can learn to figure out who they are by associating them with things such as:

  • Colors
  • Codes
  • Symbols
  • A Name

Your spirit guides are there to connect with you and when you know them by name, it is important to you and your guide to connect with them that way. This is a way that you can know:

  • Who you are connecting with.
  • Lets you put your energy into the spirit world.
  • Helps you to gain your thoughts with your guides.

Your spirit guides can communicate with you in different ways such as:

  • Giving you a gut feeling.
  • Getting you to go in a certain direction.
  • Give you feelings about situations.
  • Send you physical signs such as a song or a symbol.
  • Deliver messages to you from other people around you.

How Spirit Guides Message You

There are different ways that your spirit guides will message you such as through your clairvoyant or claircognizant gift, through other people or animals or through clairsentience or feelings in your soul.

Your guides want you to know that they are around and sometimes they will use other humans to give you messages. Spirit guides will give messages to your family or your friends and even strangers so that you can get the message.

The biggest problem is that some people aren’t open to these messages and you have to be open in order to receive the messages. Once you trust someone to give you a message, your spirit guides will use these people to send you more messages.

Working with the Spirit Guides

Here are some ways that your spirit guides can help you:

  • Make you feel powerful.
  • Give you confidence.
  • Help you to develop your spiritual gifts.
  • Helps you to be more compassionate.
  • Allow you to find love.
  • Gets you to smile more often.

When you work with your spirit guide, they will give you information and when you talk to them and call them by name, you can connect easier. You can mediate and know who is around you. Once you understand the source of the messages, the energy will guide you and help you.

Any messages that you receive will be validated by the gifts that you have, and you will have an easier time trusting your guides.

Why Call Your Spirit Guide by Name?

The spirit guides have names and when you know their name, you can reach their energies. Here are some reasons to call them by name:

  • To make a stronger connection.
  • To get guidance when needed.
  • To be able to understand the energy.

All of the guides are different, and they have different vibrations. You can pick up these energies and you can use it to be able to communicate with your guides better.

How to Find the Name

Here is a way that you can find the name of your guide:

  • Let your mind wonder.
  • Deep breathe.
  • Don’t think about anything except breathing.
  • Concentrate on thinking about a name.
  • Stop thinking and deep breathe.
  • Ask out loud or in your head, “What is your name, Spirit guide.”
  • You might hear a name or see a symbol.

If you have a symbol that comes to your mind, receive whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be something that seems common, but it can be. When a symbol comes to your mind, associate it with a word and that can be the name of your guide.

Pay attention to the characteristics of your guide. Your guide might have told their name to someone that knows you and they might share it with you.

Final Thoughts

Here is a recap of the article:

  • Spirit guides have different characteristics.
  • They have traits that you can identify them with.
  • You can understand their energy if you trust them.
  • Guides want to communicate with you.
  • You can call your guide other things until you get their name.

You might get their name in your dreams, or you might feel a strong connection to a color. You can meditate and center yourself in order to connect with your guides. Whatever name you have for your spirit guide, use it in order to connect with them at a deeper level.