Enhance Intuition Using 7/7 Numerology

Enhance Intuition Using 7/7 Numerology

July 7th is known to amplify potent seven numerology energy. The natural instinct already part of you to do detective work and dig deep into what you want to unearth will be best rewarded on this particular day each year. The answers and insights you desire will reveal themselves through your intuition if you allow it. This is the day you will feel the most profound connection with the divine as you spend time in meditation. This is the main way intuition is developed. Try to find a few minutes on this day to sit silently and connect with the spirit.

Power of Seven

Seven is a number that many people consider lucky or even magical in a sense. There are seven days in a week, seven continents, and even seven world wonders. When viewing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, seven is called Netzach which is representative of triumph and eternity. Looking to Tarot, 7 is a Major Arcana card, the chariot, that represents victory.

If you were born on July 7th, your sun sign is obviously cancer and you are a moon child. Having the number 7 anywhere in your birthdate, numerology, or life path means you seek peace, serenity, solitude, and calm naturally. You are a seeker of enlightenment who loves truth and honesty, though you may hesitate to share your own secrets. Seven’s who live at their highest vibration can typically be well trusted with all types of secrets.

Seven’s tend to be sage philosophers. They are almost always spiritual and will work in their own spiritual quest for wisdom and understanding. You may like to explore different religions, spiritual ways of thinking, and even metaphysics while developing your own path and connection. You tend to build your faith on what you have discovered for yourself. Many seven’s thrive as detectives, scientists, researchers, and academics because they love to use their questioning minds. It can be tempting as a seven to be overly skeptical and doubting, but you cannot let it become an overwhelming habit or it will drag you and others down. While some skepticism is healthy, too much is highly destructive and can leave you in a dark frame of mind.

Seven energy requires some alone time for healing. You need periodic alone time to recharge and refuel your inner reserves. You are likely sensitive, intuitive, and have multiple psychic gifts. You probably do not like crowds, instead preferring a comfy, cozy room to read a good book with pets nearby. Thoughtful sevens will realize the need to avoid arrogance, abuse, and cruelty of any kind. You will find no sense in being rude, selfish, or anti-social. You will see suffering and pain in others. You are also likely to understand that doubt and distrust will not win friends or allow you to enjoy life.

Sevens have a beautiful mind, but one that is highly impressionable and a bit vulnerable. Try to fill your mind with wholesome goodness that keeps you happy, peaceful, and happy. You will need to guard against over worrying, over-thinking, and being overly analytical. Avoid living in your head and only relying on logic. Keeping a balance of emotion and logic is key to finding peace and happiness.

When sevens have a moment in which they get an impression to do or not to do an activity, they may want to use logic to ignore the feelings, but must remember that intuition transcends logic. Learn to trust yourself and you can then know who to trust. Develop trust with others by offering them just a little to see what they do with it and only then give more. If you need help with trust, ask your spirit. Perhaps even a mantra on trust will be helpful.