Discover Your Ideal Tarot Reader Today

Discover Your Ideal Tarot Reader Today

Tarot card readings is a helpful tool to get us through life’s crossroads.  However, to get the best reading possible, you need to find the best tarot advisor.  Your ideal tarot reader will help you ask the most pressing questions and help you craft a feasible action plans to help you achieve your goals.

Who is a Tarot Advisor?

Tarot advisors are psychics that specialize in reading tarot cards.  During a session, tarot advisors will draw between three to twelve cards out of the standard 78-card deck and lay the cards drawn in a spread.  Harnessing their intuition, they interpret the spread to receive divine answers about questions pertaining to aspects of your life and future.

You can find your ideal advisor by reading online reviews or calling satisfied clients.  This feedback can help you shape what questions you want to ask and the best way for you to receive the answers you crave.

Who is an “Ideal” Tarot Advisor?

  • Someone who knows how to interpret card meanings: A good advisor must be able to do more than just read a card definition from the deck booklet.  They must sense unique meanings and imagery for each card in various placements as well as how a card relates to multiple aspects.
  • Knows more than three spreads: Preferred readers should know which spread to pair with a category of question.  This includes how detailed they should get with the reading and the amount of both time as well as cards necessary.
  • Can effectively analyze the cards: Just by looking at all the cards and their positions, they should begin to interpret an answer to the question.  This means being able to stitch together the meanings and provide unique examples that deeply resonate with the client.
  • You have an instant connection: Pay attention to your very first interaction.  How did it make you feel?  If you went to a physical location how did the space feel when you walked in?  How were you greeted?  With any conversation do you feel comfortable and well understood?  Does this reader feel comfortable answering follow-up questions?  Your ideal advisor will create a seamless and warm report from start to finish.

What is the best time to get a tarot reading?

  • You feel comfortable exploring the unknown: You feel ready to explore all the options possible in this current situation of yours.  You know the future isn’t set in stone and see getting a reading as providing your guidance to make the best possible choices.
  • You’re in tune with your spirituality: You are drawn to the spiritual world and sense a tarot advisor can help you during this crossroads.
  • You have had success with other previous spiritual advisors: If those other forms of spirituality and divination have been positive, now is great time to try tarot!
  • You have a specific intention for this reading: For a tarot reading to be successful you need to have a firm goal.  By being focused on what you hope to gain from this reading, your advisor can best tap into the proper aspects of your life and maximize your time together.