The Difference Between Psychic Reading And Fortune Telling


Psychic readings are more than simply anticipating what’s to come. They are genuine otherworldly counsels. From multiple points of view, conversing with a psychic is similar to conversing with a specialist or a decent companion. They will hear you out and offer proposals, at the same time advising you that you can make your own choices. A decent psychic can even go about as a holistic mentor and supporter, pushing you to roll out emotional and satisfying improvements.

psychic vs teller 2

A psychic reading can take all kinds of interesting twists and turns, just like an engaging conversation. You could start out with a specific problem or question and your psychic may uncover clues from your past that help you both gain insight into your dilemma.

He or she may give you some advice or helpful tips to deal with the situation. Suggestions may include prayer, meditation, working with crystals or even physical exercise. Discussions about dreams and spirit guides are also common. The possibilities are endless!

Overall a psychic reading will give you a little more clarity to your situation. It may also give you information that you were not quite ready for, but a psychic’s job is to help you, not tell you what you want to hear. Although some details may be slightly challenging, a reading will give you some a-ha moments and enlighten you.

Finally, psychic readings are often conducted through a service or website with standard pricing. Readers are often certified or have had a great deal of experience. Even private readers usually have credentials or a list of recommendations and testimonials from clientele.

Fortune telling is often synonymous with psychic reading, and while they share certain element, they are not one in the same. Many times fortune telling is focused on the future rather than taking a holistic view of people and their problems. You may find that a fortuneteller asks you a lot questions in order to gain information or “hits.”

If you are seeing a fortuneteller in person, you’ll be sized up by your appearance, mannerisms, speech, etc. These techniques are known as “cold reading.” The idea is for the reader to pick up signals in order to gain knowledge about you to use for a reading. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you may not end up with an authentic reading.psychic vs teller 3

When having your fortune told, you are often given vague details. You may be told that you will meet a new lover or that money is coming your way. They rarely mention free will or your own self-empowerment. You will often be told what you want to hear, not what will truly help you on your path. Essentially it’s a parlor trick—fun and exciting for the time being—but not to be taken seriously.

Some fortunetellers call themselves psychics and can be unscrupulous. Not only are they unqualified, they are unethical. These shady characters are out to take your money. Usually they mention something about an evil curse on you that they can remove for an exorbitant amount of money. While black magic and negative energies do exist, you don’t need to pay fortuneteller money to cleanse you of them.

Psychic readings and fortune telling can be interesting and fun. Yet if you are looking for true spiritual assistance, be wary of those who are playing games. Let your intuition be your guide.