Clearing Your Karma

Clearing Your Karma

When you want to make good karma in your life you can do this by making sure that you aren’t attaching yourself to anything that is bad or that you aren’t taking bad actions. You can make sure that you are looking at things that are important in your life towards something spiritual and not something physical.

Karma can be good or bad and you can clear up your karma when you are surrendered to the universe. You can do whatever you need to be free from your karma by making sure that your heart is open to goodness and to love.

The theory of karma tells you that you need to have balance in your life. This means that there will be action and reaction and that you will go through a cycle of birth and death and rebirth. This will happen over and over again until your soul becomes free, and you reach your higher self.

What is Cleansing Karma?

Here are some ways that you can cleanse karma:

  • Karma is like burning fat. When you stop eating too many calories your body can burn fat that is stored. Your karma can be burned when you stop creating action.
  • Karma is like washing a dish. As you wash a dish, they pile up. Karma can pile up like dishes and when you do dirty things, the karma piles up that is dirty.
  • You can keep your karma clean like cleaning your car. As you have people ride in your car, you always go behind it and clean it up so that it will be better the next time. Do this with your karma by doing good actions.

Imagine the karma that you have around you and the things that you say and do to people around you. This is a source of energy, and it is something that affects your life.

Improving Karma

You can improve your karma by being mindful of what you are doing. Make sure that you are present in everything that you do. When you do something, do it the best that you can do it. As you plan on what you want to do next, make plans.

Focus on what is happening in your life now and meditate on good things. Let your mind be calm and positive. Be open to having new experiences. Here is how:

  • Before doing something, see what kind of energy it will have.
  • Take good actions.
  • Be positive in everything you do.
  • Practice saying positive affirmations.
  • Be focused in the now.
  • Have a spiritual vision and don’t limit yourself to your past, present or future.
  • After each action, see if you feel good about it.
  • Stay centered and show grace to yourself and others.

As you do anything in your life, cleaning, bathing, feeding the pets or the family, make sure that you see it as a ritual that is good and positive in your life.