Can money be made using instinct?

Can money be made using instinct?

Can money be made using instinct?One of the most common questions asked of psychics is why aren’t they rich?  It stands to reason, if they can see or sense what is going to happen, why can’t they predict financial success for themselves?

It is interesting to find out that some of the truly wealthy people in the world say that they have the ability to sense when something is going to bring financial gain. Both Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey state that their business success has been guided but their instinct.

What does this mean exactly? How can these truly successful people intuit or know by instinct what is a good choice? And how is this different than predicting the future?

These premonitions, which are a sense of what is going to happen, has been used widely by successful people as business intuition. This has become so mainstream that there are thousands of websites and books that help hone this type of intuition.

Some business people routinely use their instinct to predict how cycles are headed, and the future of the stock market.  This instinct is how they make decisions regarding difficult choices such as mergers and acquisitions, investments and lay-offs.

Those who are skeptical say that good business decisions are based on market research and a true understanding of the business world.  And this is partly true. But there is something beyond that.

A study performed in the 80’s proved that top business leaders performed at a higher level of intuition than those who were lower on the corporate rung.

This type of study has been performed for decades by parapsychology experts  who tested executives  against random number generator.  The results: the higher up the ladder the executive was, the better they scored.  This result was also apparent when they looked at the companies profits.

Further studies showed that precognitive abilities does not have a connection with intelligence.  So how were these business execs work if they were not working harder or smarter?  Following their instincts seems to be the answer.

In the early 1980’s a newspaper performed a test setting a psychic against several professional stockbrokers. They were each asked to pick five stocks that would increase.  The psychic came out far ahead of the majority of the stockbrokers.

This psychic had also used her skills to help select stocks for a client. This was initially set up as a means of testing the skills of the psychic. Not only did the psychic satisfy the rules of the test, both the advisor and client were financially successful.

So if psychics can do all of that, why aren’t they all wealthy and serving on the boards of vastly successful companies? Well, that’s easy, premonitions are not exact.  There is also the fact that the success of predictions is related to the nature of your purpose.  Predictions won’t be as accurate if they are used solely for financial gain.

Premonitions are common and are a part of most peoples lives.  They are often ignored, or passed over by our own negative self talk.  There is also the fact our spiritual sides are not taken seriously.  This is because people don’t realize that spirituality is simply a way of being connected to the universe.

Is it possible to create an environment for premonitions to thrive?   Is there  a downside to trusting your instincts?  Are there rules for these sorts of things? The answer to these is yes. The best way to understand all of these is to consult an advisor, do some independent research and then trust your instincts.